Death of the Other Cinema


Beast of Burden
The Other Cinema on Rupert Street in Soho, London, perhaps the only picture house in the country where you can drink alcohol and smoke while watching twisted Japanese horror movies or another bloody Woody Allen film, has been given notice that its last day of business will be Sunday 14th November.

It's a lovely establishment and deserves funding. They have a petition and urge you to go along to see a film or send supportive comments to


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man, i was at the other cinema the other week! I can't believe it is closing down. Always seemed a slightly incongrous setting for such a place, right in the midst of the Leicester Square hurly-burly.


ah man thats miserable , seen loads of good things in there..

didn't it change it's name?


was minusone
used to be the metro, great shame it's closing, always been one of the best cinemas in the west end

Karl Kraft

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yes yes yes

The management are great there too, when I saw the Daft Punk musical there and the sound was poor they gave me two 6 month open tickets as compensation!
Seen so much great stuff there since my short stay in London. Lets try to get and support some of the excellent stuff they have coming up in the near future like the NFTS Stanley Kubrick Masterclass Series on the 6th November. For more stuff see here:

and don't forget to sign that petition while your there!