Eminem - Personal Best Of


babylon sister

I'm looking to put together a mix cd of Eminem's best tracks, and I am looking for some input.

The singles would be an obvious starting point, but I'm trying to get the best he's done.

So mixtape tracks, collaborations, whatever.

Here is what I know I'm going to put on it.

My Name Is
The Way I Am
The Real Slim Shady
White America
Without Me
My Dads Gone Crazy

Forgot About Dre
Lose Yourself

As far as album tracks go, your suggestions are appreciated.

If this turns into a larger discussion about the artist that would be great.

One thing, I reallly dislike his ballads and don't enjoy the sound of him singing.

I hear that he's got a new album coming out, discuss if you will.

simon silverdollar

eminem sings ballads?! shit, i've luckily never heard that. sounds grotesque.

never liked him. always sounded a bit too polished for me, like most hiphop does. and he comes across as a bit of a wanker.

but, yeah, my opinion is rubbish + worthless cuz i'm not really a fan of hiphop.


simon silverdollar said:
eminem sings ballads?! shit, i've luckily never heard that. sounds grotesque.
I've never heard him sing an out-and-out ballad (I've only heard the singles), but the sung parts of "My Band" and the new single are pretty funny, especially the latter's R. Kelly parody.


babylon sister
I think I was thinking of songs like "Stan" and "Cleaning Out My Closet" as his ballads.

You know, slow songs with some degree of sentimentality (well for him at least).

I'm trying to make this cd precisely because I dislike him, and simultaneously admire his talent. I did a mix cd like this for Marilyn Manson that I thought was fairly successful. The intended goal was to not have to buy any of his albums but have his singles handy just in case I had the perverse desire to hear them.

Still open to any suggestions.


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well drug ballad should be on it anyway...
agreed about the singing,its fucking awful
he's on a royce da 5'9 track and the singing is just excruciating


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dead wrong with biggie
and i can't believe i forgot renegade with jay-z
probably his best verses
it is one of his gothy tracks but even so its exceptional
if you want a good example of his production try i see dead people by redman,its a really good track anyway,well worth checking out...


babylon sister
Has anyone here heard Mosh yet?

It just got leaked onto the interwebthingy yesterday.

It is heavily, heavily political.

I'm trying very hard to sort through my emotions about this,
its Eminem making a very clear call to vote Bush out of office.

Unfortunately his album drops on the 16 of Nov.

On the one hand if Bush gets elected its going to look very pertinent,
on the other if Kerry wins, its going to be instantly dated.

I'm just remembering back when I heard "My Name Is" for the first time.

Not in a million years would I imagined that guy making political music.

Things change sometimes, sometimes for the better.

So this is really, really interesting.

If you want to hear the track and haven't you can find a Real Audio stream on BoingBoing.

Its definitely not his best single, but I just don't know.

He is, or was the most popular recording artist in America at some point.

How is his fan base going to take this I wonder?


Darned cockwombles.
In 2020, eminem sounds incredibly outdated, and embarrassing to listen to. It's weird, I have definitely enjoyed him in the past, it sounds unbelievably dated right now


Darned cockwombles.
Is it possible for something to sound that dated without having once been that ubiquitous? I'm not sure it is.