Siah Alan - Militance


babylon sister

Distance - Delight
Shackleton - New Dawn
Toasty - Cold Blooded
Forsaken - Sensei
Stormfield - Haiku (Blackmass VIP)
Forensics - Depth Charge
Gutterbreakz - Black Ice
Trae - D. Swang (138 ScrewDub)
Geeneus - Dark Boy
Lycaon - Lynched
Intoccabile - Meditation
Bass Clef - Opera
Mala - Blue Note
Forsaken - Call to War
Soundbox - Dungeon Waltz
Benga - Electro Musik
Cluekid - Down and Dirty
TRG - Broken Heart
Benga - Still Rockin
Zomby - Memories (Darkstar Remix)
Shonky - Warning
Benga - Break It
Forsaken feat. Ben J - Window Seat

This is the tightest mix I've ever managed to pull off.

Hope you all enjoy it, some older stuff, some promos.

100% Quality.

I also threw in some Houston rap, my favorite track of last year.