cheesy choons

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1. William Shatner - Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds
2. Pinky and Perky - All My Loving
3. Will Young and Gareth Gates - The Long and Winding Road
4. Damon Hill - Drive My Car
5. Bananarama with French and Saunders - Help!
6. Jim Carrey - I Am the Walrus
7. Wet Wet Wet - With A Little Help From My Friends
8. Suggs - I'm Only Sleeping
9. PM Dawn - Norwegian Wood
10. Candy Flip - Strawberry Fields Forever


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woebot on cheese (with affection) + solidarity for sufi

millions of years ago when none of us had jobs & responsibility was a distant mirage i had my birthday at st. john - probably the best restaurant in london - & many of the denizens displaying erudition & a command of gibberish on these pages were present... standard st. john menu as i recall... you know the sort of thing: bone marrow on toast with parsley salad, lamb's sweetbreads & kale, devilled crab, salted dried pig's liver &c. &c. but the good thing about st. john, the most literal of restaurants, is that there is always something acceptable for the most frit eaters... fish with green vegetables, bit of standard roast lamb &c. &c. but i ramble on & on... to get somewhere approaching the point i need only say that signor woebot was present & was actually at that time eating dairy products... he spotted the rather delightfully named 'stinking bishop with new potatoes'...
'excuse me miss', says woebot, 'this stinking bishop with new potatoes...what exactly is it?'
'well sir,' says our patient - there were at least twelve of us - waitress, 'stinking bishop is a soft english cheese, renowned for its legendary odiferousness - hence the stinking & made apparently by cistercian monks - hence the is served with new potatoes'
'mmm... i think i'll have the stinking bishop with new potatoes then,' says our esteemed commander-in-chief at which we order more wine/beer/whisky & continue to eye each other sullenly, hunger overcoming the essentially sweet qualities of our various natures... eventually our wonderful attendant is back bearing plates... everyone is now in an improved and anticipatory mood & eating begins with fingers, forks and gusto... but what is this? there is someone staring balefully at their plate, a look of disappointment, perhaps even a touch of anger, on said baleful countenance...
'woebot... what's wrong?' we ask...
'well... it's just cheese and new potatoes'
'what's the cheese like, then? any good?' (we attempt engagement with a view to distraction)
'alright i suppose' mumbles a not-distracted woebot
'what's wrong with it?'
'well... it's just cheese and new potatoes'
'well, yeah... isn't that what you ordered?'
after this repetitive q & a we ascertain that woebot had wanted cheese & potatoes, but not in a cheese and potatoey way...the waitress is summoned...
' friend has ordered the stinking bishop with new potatoes & he's not happy that he's been given stinking bishop & new potatoes'
'but that's what is says on the menu... it's cheese wiyth potatoes... you even asked me' patient waitress well used to the disgruntled st. john newbie shocked by the literalness of their menu - explains to a table of happy people, with one notable exception... the face gets glummer & the contrast between the happy & well fed part of the table & the cheese and potaoes part of the table becomes more & more noticeable, the gulf wider, until...
'this cheese and potatoes ruined my evening... i'm not even hungry... think i'll go home'
& resisting all pleadings & urgings woebot departs... hungry & forlorn... undone by a strong smelling cheese and some jersey royals


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i did enjoy a certain poetical satisfaction posting the sport thread in the art dept, but i'm surethaty there will be MUCH more miscellany to come......................