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yes marc! great mix.

is that a sample from '28 days later' i spy?

lol, yes it is - well spotted!

every mix i do has to contain at least one obligatory zombie reference, usually before the jungle kicks in. i really don't want to analyse too deeply why i associate them together :eek:

thanks for the kind comments!


It's a brisk schecule isn't it?

September 11 - Soundslike 1981
September 25 - Wayne&wax
October 9 - Confucius (zhao)
October 23 - me

... just in the next month.

Honestly, it's a bit daunting to be following on the heels of the ones we've heard so far. It's really good stuff. I'm looking forward to turning this into a nice collection of CDs.
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Mine should be up later today, unless Droid's unable (it's guest-blogged on

Fingers crossed.

wicked mix - utterly mindblowing. theres many ideas here which are unfamilar to me and that makes it very refreshing indeed. would love to follow up on some of the artists you've included once i've given it a proper listen.

you mentioned you like music that causes an emotional reaction, is this the unifying theme of the artists on the mix? i love that idea, its how i've always felt about music - even if the emotion in question is fear or dread. it makes you feel alive.


Blogariddims 6 / Collide+Coalesce

Sorry again for the delay. Got this up yesterday evening... after a very long drive and a bit of ultra-violence iwhilst geting my dodgy laptop to connect to the internet. Still havent unpacked though!


Soundslike1981 said:
Ideally, this mix wouldn't be a mix at all. Instead, each track would be played from one of half a dozen or so PAs set up in chapels and side halls of St. Paul's, or in caves of some deep cavern, with the listener free to move about and change the emphasis based upon her position. I'm interested in the way one piece affects another, totally recontextualised and freed from doing all the aural work of standing alone. While I've mixed certain elements to stand out above others, I hope that a listener can, with headphones at least, pick through the sound and focus on particular elements if he so chooses, or step back and see if everything does in fact coalesce, or merely collides.

[00.00 - 01.50] 01 David Fanshawe "New Year Celebrations" (1974)
[00.20 - 05.30] 02 Miles Davis "Go Ahead John" {Version} (1970)
[03.50 - 09.40] 03 Massacre "As Is" (1981)
[04.00 - 17.50] 04 This Heat "Metal" (1979)
[05.20 - 11.00] 05 Bali Kacek Choir "Sekaha Ganda Sari" (1974)
[05.30 - 08.40] 06 Bjork & Robert Wyatt "Submarine" (2004)
[08.20 - 12.00] 07 Autechre "Stud" (1996)
[06.50 - 13.40] 08 AMM "Later During a Flaming Riviera Sunset" (1966)
[09.40 - 15.00] 09 For Carnation "Being Held" (2000)
[11.00 - 14.40] 10 Huun Huur Tu "Exile's Song" (1994)
[14.30 - 21.40] 11 Luc Ferrari "Music Promenade" (1969)
[15.10 - 23.20] 12 Mark Hollis "A Life 1895-1915" (1998)
[17.30 - 24.40] 13 Maryanne Amacher "Living Sound" (1979)
[21.00 - 25.20] 14 His Name is Alive "Detrola" (2004)
[23.00 - 32.20] 15 {Modified Guitar}
[23.10 - 28.20] 16 Suicide "Frankie Teardrop" (1977)
[24.00 - 28.00] 17 Einsturzende Neubauten "Zum Tier Machen" (1982)
[24.20 - 27.50] 18 Specials AKA "Housebound" {Remix} (1984)
[27.00 - 36.00] 19 Deadbeat "Portable Memory" (2004)
[28.00 - 42.00] 20 Arthur Russell "Reach One" (1973)
[29.20 - 31.50] 21 John Cage "Six Melodies for Violin & Harp, No. 4" (1950)
[32.00 - 36.00] 22 Tanzania Tribal Musicians "Wagogo Marimba" (1975)
[35.10 - 45.50] 23 Harmonia "Sehr Kosmich" (1974)
[35.30 - 42.00] 24 Karlheinz Stockhausen "Kontakte" (1959)
[35.30 - 46.00] 25 {Modified Guitar}
[35.40 - 38.50] 26 Rachel's "Artemisia" (1999)
[37.00 - 45.10] 27 Matmos "For Felix" (2001)
[38.40 - 43.00] 28 Low & Spring Heel Jack "Bombscare" (2000)
[42.30 - 49.30] 29 {Analogue Synth} [42.50 - 46.10] 30 Dave Brubeck "Far More Drums" {Version} (1961)
[43.10 - 48.30] 31 Lalo Schifrin "First Chase" (1969)
[46.00 - 49.40] 32 Arthur Russell "Just a Blip" (1982)
[45.30 - 50.30] 33 {Analogue Synth}
[46.00 - 51.20] 34 Scanner "Emily" (2003)
[47.10 - 49.50] 35 {Modified Radio}
[47.30 - 50.20] 36 {Modified Radio}
[49.10 - 51.10] 37 {Modified Guitar}
[49.30 - 50.40] 38 OMD "Romance of the Telescope" {Remix} (1981)
[48.30 - 56.40] 39 Alvin Lucier "Music on a Long Thin Wire" (1979)
[50.40 - 56.30] 40 Can "Vitamin C" {Remix} (1972)
[52.00 - 56.10] 41 Steve Reich "It's Gonna Rain, Part II" (1965)
[45.20 - 57.40] 42 {Modified Guitar}
[56.40 - 61.20] 43 Bill Evans Trio "Jade Visions" (1961) {Version}
[59.50 - 61.40] 44 David Fanshawe "New Year Celebrations" (1974)

Notes and More:


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What i really like about this series is that with some the attraction is in hearing stuff i've never heard before - Eden/Meme, Matt B - whilst with others it's the new context things familiar have been placed in - Soundslike's latest is a prime example of this.

These podcasts may be one of the best reasons to hang around these parts at the moment!


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listening to #5 now, and it's awesome. Why does Can sound so good mixed with (or near) hip hop????? great job, bassnation. I can't wait to work my way back through the rest of these!

And even better live!

From the Brasilintime thing in Cologne few weeks ago where j rocc DJ nuts and madlib played with Jaki Liebezeit from Can.


matt b

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oi, get back to your love in w/ martin ;)

oh, and the mix has now scared off 2 students. i'll keep a running total.
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wow - would have killed to have been there. what was the music like?

Well there was a tremendous vibe and great charisma from all those on stages. Improvisational material very much driven by the drummers who also included Ivan Mamao Conti of azymuth and Joao Parahyba. I suppose melody tends to get lost in these type of performances- very drummer led. Jaki's style was different and according to others who had seen the same show in Brazil gave it a whole new dimension as the djs tried to follow his patterns. A really down to earth character as well.


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Thanks Matt, Eden, Bass. I hope it held through past twenty minutes (and I'll take scaring off students as bonus).

As for my record collection, it's really nothing unique. I've never specialised much, so it's pretty much what you'd expect a 26 year old with a dozen years of record collecting and about 3k discs to have. I look at it as a good start, but only a start. But there are massive areas into which I have only a slight introduction--probably most of the music the Dissensus crowd focuses on--which excites me. These mixes I've posted here are a relatively good snapshot of where my ears have been drawn the last few years. But in reality, things are pretty open for me.

Speaking of Can/Liebezeit (the initial idea for this mix was to focus exclusively on rhythm, which obviously fell away) does the "Vitamin C" remix work ok? Likewise the other remixes and versions? I'd never try to do that proper, but for the context of a mix like these, it was a fun attempt. Never really done that before. Got a few others that I didn't use this time which might crop up in a future mix.