Young Brutes


I just read this review of Norman Mailer’s The Castle in the Forest, in case you are wondering why I’m googling for pictures of mass murderers. :eek: The Hitler picture I had never seen before—very eerie.


Hitler in 1908:

This site has more pictures (including oodles of Dubaya ones, if that’s your fetish):
Young World Leaders: Then and Now

Jaie Miller

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Thanks for the link Guy brush.

I think it's somewhat of a scary issue. How/when did these charming looking young folk decide (if that was the case) to become such leaders?

Was it an issue of a predefined destiny ( were they rasied for the task ) or was it more a matter of being chosen, by possibly being in the 'right place at the right time?' To sound a tad cliche.

??? ???

Also, if you could go back and attack, that little hitler, not nessecarily kill or mame or destroy but most certainly wipe that look off of his face, would you do it?

Dead Prez, 'what would you have done shook his hand?'