what did you listen to today?


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wagon christ - throbbing pouch
recloose - cardiology
wasteland - october
v/a - diwali
dj/rupture/mutamassik split
greensleeve's ragga jungle anthems vol. 1
a few personal mix cd's

(can you tell I'm not at work?)

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john eden said:
Yeah! Paul Meme I think has the Rodigan comp - some fantastic tunes on there and definitely the right road to take at the crossroads if dubhead is the other one!
Sure have. It's killa. Genuinely one of the best selected and easiest to listen to compos I've got.

The roots set is terrific too. Shame it didn't carry on, think there was a Lovers one, but no DJ one... unless someone knows diffrn.

The CD I'm listening to most right now is Toots and the Maytals' Greatest Hits. Been in the CD player in the kitchen for two weeks, me and the wife are both caning it, you just stick it on, every tune is fabulous. I REALLY want that Funky Kingston comp that Soul Jazz did.

Martin Dust

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The Black Dog - Live
Rufus Wainwright - Want One
Carl Taylor - Simplex
The Specials - Ghost Town
Beach Boys - Pet Sounds


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Quatuor Loewenguth - Roussel
Diane Dorel - le garçon de brazillia
Jacky Giordano - rythmes et melodies
Randy carlos - ep Barclay
J.P. Massiera - vous presente ses meilleurs voeux
john coltrane - outtakes


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In the last day:

Red Rat Oh No! It's Red Rat!
M.I.A./Diplo Piracy Funds Terrorism Vol 1
Wasteland October
DJ /rupture Special Election Mix
Various Artists Studio One Disco Mix


gabba survivor
93 til infinity - souls of mischief
devlin the dude - anythang
superpitcher - happiness (m.mayer rmx)
the mfa - the difference (superpitcher rmx)
dylan - percy's song

in heavy rotation.......

john eden

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2stepfan said:
Yeah, it's great but, as you say, unfulfilling. But get this Dissensus massive -- Eden wouldn't let me sample any of Rodigan's dubplates! You can take respect too far... :)

Tell 'em where you got it from... this is waaaaay cool...
I got them out of the library - is that cool? :confused:

I think including other people's dubplates on your mix or tune is well out of order and could lead to some serious grief if word gets out! You wanted to sample Tony Matterhorn's dubplates as well - you want to mess with him?

You must be more of a gangsta than I thought, Paul :p


ernest ranglin in africa...

...on my pc in the workplace, i noticed 1 colleague looking at me funny, she said hmm tht sound like ernest ranglin
my colleagues are great :D

Jay Vee

Wasteland - "October"
Gwen Stefani solo cd
Francois de Roubaix compilation i made
Lots of Italo
Universal Robot Band
some Coil


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<i>blackstrobe essential mix</i>

Bloody hell, they get more goth by the minute don't they? Sisters of mercy!

I'm just listening to Stanley Turrentine "Salt Song" and the Best of Roland Kirk over and over right now.


Collision Course - That Jay-Z and Linkin Parks link up.
Couple a' rinses of Lenky's new riddim.

The day has only just started.

machine hugger

I'm really starting to dislike U2 even more. Upnote apparently Afrika Bambaata is Dj'n tonight here FOR FREE! That's like wine, woman and song. :cool:


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Backjob said:
<i>blackstrobe essential mix</i>

Bloody hell, they get more goth by the minute don't they? Sisters of mercy!
Ahh, the Sisters... great stuff. The early lo-fi, punky, suicide/stooges influenced stuff was really extremely good.


Snakes + Ladders
...i'm waiting for a mate to come round my house, and he should've been here hours ago, he's not answering his mobile and i'm getting a bit worried...
-anyway, in the meantime i'm listening to:
B12 : Electro-soma
The Black Dog : Spanners
Brian Eno : Before And After Science
Rhythm&Sound : With The Artists
...(while firing up a massive spliff...! :p )