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there is an article about hadouken in the nme, a for and against.
the person who writes the against argument is pretty spot on which i was surprised about. i got board of reading the for argument half way through.

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i havent read it and therefore cant really comment but it merely sounds like another example of the inevtable nme binge/purge attitude towards zeitguesty bands. its got to the stage where people are backlashing while their still into the music just so they can can get ready for the post backlash reappraisal where everyone admits 'they're alright'


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dont you think it's a bit pathetic, an article "against" an artist. What's next, an article against Paris Hilton, an article against Lilly Allen, an article against U2, against the Rolling Stones? If you don't like something ignore it and write about what you do like.

No, i'd like more of them (if they're well done). You might as well demand all negative comments be removed from this blog and all that's left is people saying how ace X Y & Z are and how their new records are the best thing they've ever done.


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i'm talking about an article whose sole aim it is to trash an artist.

There's obviously a big difference between that and doing a for-and-against piece offering both sides an equal airing.

Personally, though, i don't mind a piece trashing an artist. If the writer feels really passionately that X is terrible, overrated and possibly a damaging influence on the cculture then i'd happily grant them room to say so. It's not like mags and papers are short of puff pieces.


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and any hating piece that is worth your time is never JUST about this or that artist, is it? it's always about a way of doing things, and its political, racial, socio-economic effects and implications.

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why do we hate hadouken?

NME's Tim Jonze: "is it because they aren't black?"

what a completely fatuous question. yeah, it's because they're white. that's why i hate them.. *turns off logan's show, throws ot crew cds in bin, bans self from blogging, etc, etc*

or maybe, just *maybe*, it's because they suck harder than my dyson.

the 'against' argument is pretty well-informed, as said above.

from a journo's p.o.v. (rather than a grime fan's), i've gotta say i love the 'point-counterpoint' format: it's so fricking easy to churn out and - provided the issue is contentious enough - always makes for good copy.
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Personally, though, i don't mind a piece trashing an artist. If the writer feels really passionately that X is terrible, overrated and possibly a damaging influence on the cculture then i'd happily grant them room to say so. It's not like mags and papers are short of puff pieces.

Also, it's far easier to be highly amusing/entertaining when you're slagging something off than when praising it.
If you like utterly scathing, over-the-top invective, you'll love this: http://www.somethingawful.com/d/your-band-sucks/index.php
And ESPECIALLY this: http://www.somethingawful.com/d/your-band-sucks/system-down.php :)

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You know what

I agreed with everything in the for argument apart from one thing.

It was written in a magazine which does not cover grime AT ALL, yet they get a double page for and against article referencing a load of names and things their readership will have no way of knowing about.

Way to perpetrate the institutional racism of a music industry that won't sign talented young black artists.

He seemed to say "well the music industry has been built on the back of black talent being repackaged in a nice white faced bundle for years, get over it". That's all well and good, apart from the fact the NME are just as guilty of that as any record label.

And it is even worse to reference JME, Skepta, Tinchy, Sidewinder or True Tiger like you have a clue about them, when you don't deem them worthy to receive space in your publication.

If you know that much about Grime fucking put something in the magazine about it.


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i was shocked reading it, from the nme. They knew everything about grime. more than the kids on the bus who play it off their phones at full wack.

the nme is funny as it has no black people in it. except the dude from bloc party


I gotta admit it, I have a soft spot for all these blip-blop DIYers in that at least they are bringing some personality into the super-sanitised mainstream. That aside: blech. It seems like they are aiming for some kind of a tear-da-roof-off/hedonistic vibe, but it’s more like drowsy happy-hour pub-rock. Annoying to the max, but somehow also vapid in the extreme. Niiice. Just compare the videos below, and you will see what I mean. The second one is Uncle Al’s adrenaline-fest «Slip n Slide»—party-music done proper—and the first one is Hadouken!’s recent single, of which, perhaps, the less said the better.

Hadouken! – «That Boy That Girl»

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Uncle Al – «Slip n Slide»

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That Hadouken is TERRIBLE, just "grime" as vague signifier tossed over the same indie shit (like Klaxons and their "rave" signifiers, tho done a bit better)... I'm sure you could make non-grime music influenced by grime with more sophistication than this (ie- why does everything have to flow thru the distorting lens of lowest common denominator 00s UK-indie rock?) The JME lyrical rips are obviously dire too, but preferable to when the guy sings...

Those NME scans remind me of what a poorly designed abortion it is nowadays...


its so mental how badly he rips off jme, it's pretty terrible, basically a emf revival with sceney hoxton lyrics which no one outside of london scenes will actually understand really.