Minimal house anthems


there are no accidents
been listening to minimal shit for past 3 hours still love some of this to death (in studio or running or riding bikes). just not my choice for party anymore, too predictable, not exciting enough, cannot get buck. unless of course it's really top notch or on great drugs.
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there are no accidents
even that strange adult rock album he did?

which one do you mean?

have just RINSED "When Horses Die".

staggering in its colossal, terrible scope and reach, at once heavy and buoyant, intricate and potent. not a single dull moment, masterfully balanced, snug like shark leather*, a hunting knife... he is a poet of death of the first order, an architect of dread, a harbinger of sensuous doom. (dude who sings on it also sounds a bit like Blixa Bargeld)

*tried on a jacket made of this last week. hand sown, you can see where the fin was on the back. beautiful details on a matte finish... i jokingly ask "what is the price? 4,000 euros?" the reply was 4,500.
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bandz ahoy
Does anyone know any good archival-y mixes featuring the best of the early 00's minimal sound? I'd like a crash course in that sound that can be listened to in one go...


bandwagon house
Have a look for any of the Kompact or Get physical compilations, they should all be floating around the net.
But the cream of the crop was Cassy's Panoramabar bar01. Best Mix of the 00's imo.

Il stick this tune in here while we're at it. Big DC10 tune and one of my favourites.


simon silverdollar

also the luciano Sci-Fi H-Fi mix.
and Dan Bell's Buttoned-Down Mind mix