Where should I eat in London?


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Yeah kinda, but this was at Central World Mall and the price discrepancies aren't always quite what you'd think for non-Thai food. Mostly I ate Thai style curry from street guys or the cheaper food courts.

Yeah fair enough, I do just kinda feel that Japanese curry can be largely replicated by buying a katsu sauce from the supermarket and a trip to the chicken shop. Obviously it makes sense that we've taken to Katsu, but generally Brits have better access to cooking facilities than students in Asia and can knock their own simple grub together. Admittedly we've largely forsaken deep fat fryers thanks to public safety announcements during the 1980s, but most of those dishes can be replicated with relative ease.
I remember having fantastic home-cooked Japanese curry when I was in Osaka. It is a bit like the best casserole you've ever had, though, so I see the Brit-link....


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That's where I went. I never went to the original so can't judge whether it is a pale imitation or not. It is weird up in the highlands of north London with the big suburban villas and the empty streets.


the met cop training centre is up there too innit (still?) and a big germ warfare depot in mill hill - it's grim etc
was the food ok at least?


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Just been back to Green Lanes for the first time in ages. When did all the established Turkish places (Hala, Gokyuzu, Diyarbakir etc) get glitzy as hell? We went to Hala, and the food was still amazing but it's about three times as big as it used to be and now has gold toilets.


a big germ warfare depot in mill hill - it's grim etc
Beagle Belsen. It's been demolished now, turned into a new flats development. A stone's throw from Inglis Barracks and The Joiners Arms, which were bombed by the IRA a couple of times.

I used to go to Oriental City, got food poisoning from some noodles there (possibly. Might have been a reheated lasagne).


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Not sure about the other two, but I was surprised to revisit and see Gokyuzu had an extra dining room....
It's interesting because they're still the same places selling the same food to afaict the same people - it's not like they're all turning into gentrifier-friendly small-plates-and-natural-wine type places. But I dunno whether they all just built up enough capital to pay for the refit that they'd always wanted, or whether a load of money got pumped in from somewhere.

Still heaving on a Sunday night, though, so that's good to see.


where were you sitting? was that you with the pork pie hat?
we were at a round table next to the bar!

we've been going since they opened (back in the days when they used to have the yogurt fountain), they don't seem to mind that we turn up and order the same cheap stuff every time, in fact they actually know our order before we ask, we are that much stingy regulars

I think there is a "concern" that there are now too many very similar mega-turkish barbecue joints on that strip of green lanes - one of them got refused planning permission after maxing out their premises a while back, it's almost all turkish food joints and barbers now down there

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Can you still get a large lamb shish for four fifty from King Kebab though, is what I want to know.