Yacht Rock


party record with a siren
Yacht Rock is one of the finest things on the internet.

There was talk of 2 more episodes over a year ago, but they've never appeared. Kenny Loggins entering the Danger Zone and all that. I presume that they are shopping the series to TV networks and holding back any new material.

Check out the creators' other work over at http://www.channel101.com, which is where the series originated. It was their top rated show for a year or so, but then got "cancelled" by the audience for some crazy reason.
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lol... Ive had 'Sailing' in my head for days now.

Love these videos. I was very young in the early 80s but this stuff permeated my consciousness and is pretty much everything I hate about music, but now I just laugh when I hear the tunes... the guys playing McDonald and Loggins are inspired.

Found a reggae cover version source I never knew about:

Starship original:


Frankie Paul cover on one of my favourite Jammys rididms:


Thus proving the amazing transformative power of reggae to turn even the worst pieces of shit into gold. :)