Mungo's HiFi - Scottish Dancehall


Ideally I would have tacked this onto the end of the rolling Reggae thread but it got locked (tho bizarelly the Grime one didn't?).

Anyway...for the reggae lovers. Mungo's HiFi - so good I just had to start a thread! Scottish Dancehall!

I am CANING the ska-rootshall track Mungo's Hi Fi feat. Ranking Joe - I Love Jah

Listen to the track in the latest Soundclash mix:

Listen/buy mp3/dubplates:

edit: The store is really good *but* it uses PayPal which has just prevented me from buying the track. PayPal sucks really bad!

matt b

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i'd recommend the kenny knots -'rasta meditation' 10" (on an update of the heavenless rhythm) too
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Mungos are just all round genius.

My g/f lived in Glasgow for a few years in Mungos' early days and was gobsmacked to see I had a bunch of their 10"s, she'd figured only her and her mates knew who they were!

.... I've never made it to one of their dances or Dub'N'Grub nights, sadly, but determined to get there one day..

can i recommend the mighty Ing with Brother Culture and Belly Ska with my mate Ishu on the mic, lovely stuff.