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i was only listening to hardcore/jungle at this time but i've been listening to a few hiphop albums from the same period and i really like the style. i don't know that much about it though so i thought i could get some reccomendations. don't mention anything from 94 cos i've listenined to every hiphop album released in 94. has to be 90-93.
heres what i like so far
don't sweat the technique. i like this album. its got know the ledge on it and thats one of my all time favourites. i like fast rap.
a wolf in sheeps clothing-this is so good. this is the sort of thing i think about when i think of early 90s. perfection. i like it better than more well regarded things, like mecca and the soul brother for example.
plus funky technician. thats another one that is synonmous in my mind with this period. i love back to back rhyming. its incredible.
one for all. this is one of the best hiphop albus ever. i love this too much. concerto in x minor ste to the rear wake up who can get busy like this man? incredible.
wanted dead or alive definelty one of my favourite mcs.
low end thoery/ this is good too. but not as good as the others.
runaway slave
93 till infinity this is another of my all time favourites. actually i did buy this in 93 after seeing them on bbc 2 with the pharcyde.

ok, i can't be bothered thinking of any more. thats about it anyway. what else is out there?


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Stunts, Blunts and Hip Hop, By Diamond and the Psychotic Neurotics. And Mecca and the Soul Brother by Peter Rock and CL Smooth


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black moon:enta da stage that's the one u want


lots of good tips there too luka thanks
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Too many to metnion from that era, but must also put in a shout for Midnight Marauders, Buhloone Mindstate and Mr Hood by KMD.


that was my hip hop heyday. i think I picked up just about everything that came out.

my favourites...

gangstarr - step in the arena
gangstarr - daily operation
cypress hill - self titled (the only one that was really worthwhile imo)
x-clan - to the east blackwards
black moon - enta da stage
freestyle fellowship - innercity griots
pharcyde - bizarre ride...
wu-tang, obviously
atcq - low end theory (really their best, i think)
junge brothers - done by the forces of nature (1989, but criminally overlooked in favour of the de la debut)
master ace - take a look around
masta ace - slaughtahouse
juice ost
brand nubian - one for all
kmd - mr hood
pete rock and cl smooth - the first ep and lp
bdp - live hardcore worldwide
all the ditc stuff from diamond d, showbiz and ag, ...
king tee - tha triflin album
poor righteous teachers - holy intellect
ultramagnetic - four horsemen
souls - 93 til infinity
del - first 2 albums
other hiero - the casual album was good.
main source - breakin atoms (just about the best nas performance)
eric and ra - don't sweat...
redman - whut?
i also liked the first two paris albums but they haven't aged well.
special ed
saafir - boxcar sessions was alright

if you can find singles keep an eye out for any of the black moon ones e.g. i gotcha opin, buck em down, etc. they always put proper classics only on the 12" likewise, flip da script by the king & i is brilliant. nas - halftime remixes. masta ace - jeep ass nigguh remixes. and funkmaster flex had some good mashed up club tracks that sampled from all of this stuff on wreck (nervous) records.
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party record with a siren
not mentioned yet:

Organized Konfusion - Organized Konfusion
UMCs - Fruits Of Nature


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redman - whut?

Love that album, or at least the singles off it, which are just blinding. Redman was like nothing I'd ever heard before at that time. Always seemed off beat and just about to break down, but always kept control, bit like that Ricky Villa goal against Man City in hte 81 cup final.


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illmatic is 94. its amazing, but still 94. i never wanted to get the black moon album cos i much prefer buckshots later style and the later versions of those songs. but it is a good album though.
UMCs i will defiently check out.
i've had organized konfusion for years. i got stress when it came out then got that one afterwards. i don't listen to it that much. i usually just play prisoners of war and hypnotical gases cos they're much better than everything else as far as im concerned. ive been listening to equinox again recently. its better than i remembered it being. i thought it was a big let down at the time.
the cypress hill album is really good i agree. i used to have it but now i don't for some reason. not sure what happened. and so is whut! i like dare iz a darkside too but thats 94 i think. that eric sermon funk sound used to annoy me but now i like it.
ive got lords of the underground. thats very very early 90s, das efx influence very strong. as far as das efx goes, i love they want efx but i don't love anything else of theirs ive heard. are there any other songs as good as that?
i got freestyle fellowhsip. i fell in love with aceyalone after hearing him on this beats and lyrics compilation out of the west coast. he had a song, i think it was called longitude and latitude that i played over and over again. i just thought it was amazing. so i got freestlye fellowship off the back of that. its nice but it doesn't really hit the spot for me. i love a book of human language which is probably 96 or something. thats got to be the most ambitious hip-hop album there is, lyrically, thematically. and it holds up musically too. what else did mumbles do? anyone know? i keep looking out for all balls don't bounce but i never see it around. i've downloaded some songs off it and i really like them.
x-clan, i haven;t heard. i'll look into that.
i haven't got those early gangstarr albums either. i got hard to earn when it came out after being entranced by gurus voice listening to heavy rhyme experience. i mostly just listened to his song over and over again. ive got full clip. i spose i should get those early albums too. i like premier more from 94 on though. i think thats when he really blosommed.
wu tang i know made a lot of the first album in this period but i think of it as 94 music.
all the de la was big enough that i heard it at the time. its all great obviously. everyone nowdays says buhloone mindstate is their best album. i think probably cos it is their best album.
i really want to hear poor righteous teachers too. i hear them namechecked a lot.
KMD i like what i've heard, which is just a copy of black bastards my mate made for me. i'll look out for that album.
fear itself came out in 94. good album though. i have it on cassette. i think the best heiro mc is pep luv. hes amazing.
i haven't heard much special ed or master ace. i want to hear more of them.
the ice cube solo stuff has its moments. its not my cup of tea though.
ive heard commons first album but its too patchy for me to want to own it. has anyone heard no ids album? its after this period but its something i really want to hear.


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thanks for the recommendations. don't stop now. and did i forget to mention
naughty by nature?
theres not a lot of happy hiphop around. they're best stuff still sounds good.


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i can't remeber the name of the album they're on (live and let die?) but edge of sanity and ill street blues are two amazing kool g rap songs. and cockblocking is pretty funny.
and matt i remember your mid period hiphop lps from the first time around. its good. i like it. i sent you an email about it!
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Third and Left coasts

This is obviously doesn't have the same east coast sound as most of the stuff from this thread. Still good albums though from the time period in question:

ESG - Oceans of Funk
Geto Boys - We Can't Be Stopped
MC L - Black Robinhood
Brotha Lynch Hung - 24 Deep
Spice-1 - 187 He Wrote
Mac Mall - Illegal Business?
Seagram - The Dark Roads
Insane Poetry - Grim Reality
W.C and the Maad Circle - Ain't A Damn Thing Changed

Also Obviously:
Dre, Snoop, Ice Cube, NWA


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i can't remeber the name of the album they're on (live and let die?) but edge of sanity and ill street blues are two amazing kool g rap songs. and cockblocking is pretty funny.
and matt i remember your mid period hiphop lps from the first time around. its good. i like it. i sent you an email about it!

Live and Let Die is one of my fav hip hop records, horrorcore before it's time, a mix of east and west coast done the opposite way of AmeriKKKa's Most Wanted (east coast MC, west coast producer (sir jinx))... this record never gets it's shine, but it's just nasty... "straight jacket" is my track...

def second the UMC's... their second LP "set it straight" is dope, i prefer it to their first record, just as i prefer "in god we trust' to the first Brand Nubian LP...

that KMD "black bastards" LP is def cream of the crop for this type of stuff... Ultramagnetic "funk your head up", too...

alot of this stuff is about singles... ie. "time 4 some aktion" is sick as hell, but Whut the Album is a little patchy...

i used to be really obsessed w/ "middle school" hip hop and would DJ this stuff constantly, but stopped... i pulled some records for a set recently:

big daddy kane- it's hard bein' the kane (my 2nd favorite Prince Paul production)
resident alien- the doo doo man (my first favorite!)
showbiz and AG-fat pockets
ultramagnetic mc's-poppa large (east coast mix)-
biggie-dreamz/unbelievable/juicy (the press w/ "dreamz" is hard to find, this is def one of my prize records...)
grand puba- lickshot
P.E. - shut 'em down (pete rock remix)
d.o.c.- the doc and the doctor
mellow man ace- mas pignon
onyx- bacdafuckup
m.o.p.- how bout some hardcore
masta ace- jeep ass nigga
mobb deep- shook ones pt II
black moon- how many MC's
fugees- fu-gee-la
jeru- come clean
stakes is high- de la
wu tang- protect ya neck
das fx- they want fx
snoop and dre- deep cover (1993, no?)
kurious- spell it with a "J"
sadat X- wild cowboys
3rd bass- steppin to the AM


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has anyone heard no ids album? its after this period but its something i really want to hear.

Accept Your Own And Be Yourself is a great record, but not ffor everyone. production's quite thick but bouncy and the lyrics are sound - but you can see why No ID didn't make a career of rap. Agree with you abot Common's debut - Resurrection is infinitely superior.


speaking of horrorcore, has anyone heard a group called kmc? i saw an ad and review for them in the source in 1991 but i could never find the album. it might have been terrible but i've always been curious.

oh yeah, gravediggaz.

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oh yeah, gravediggaz.
You knows it. I think it's from 95 or something, but Eazy E's 'Sorry Louie' is also quality early horrorcore.

I've been all about this stuff lately. I'll second Stunts, Blunts and HipHop and 93 Til Infinity and throw up Del the Funkee Homosapien's first (I think) LP I Wish My Brother George Was Here. If you like the Souls of Mischief record, this is even better, so get it in. I also really love the first Jazzmatazz album; it always plays second fiddle to the Gang Starr LPs from this period but the backing is so smooth that Guru just gets even more license to MC the shit out of any hint of a beat that comes his way. He's probably my favourite MC of this period until Snoop comes along (Doggystyle's been mentioned, right?)

West coast stuff: both the first two Kokane albums (first one is from 1991, released under the alias Who Am I?) and the first Above the Law record fall into this period. The first Lench Mob album too. I think there's an AMG album from then, but I haven't heard it. And back to the east, Digable Planets' Blowout Comb is really great.
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