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I know it's been going on almost two weeks now, but for anyone interested in the Pakistani Army's offensive in Waziristan etc., Londonstani's series of man-on-the-ground pieces over at Abu M are indispensable. (and depressing, but it's not like that's a surprise)

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From Abu's blog:
' The student was being overly polite. The reality is that if you polled 10,000 Pakistanis on the question; "Do you feel the United States is secretly funding the Taliban to destablise the country?" the answer would be something like 96 percent "yes". '

Aah blowback's a *itch , but has the CIA , etc. been THAT busy ... ?

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Hacking drones ...

High tech, low tech ...

Both Iraq and Afghanistan / Pakistan were hacking into the live Drone video feeds ,
using $26 software called Skygrabber.
US left it all unencrypted - encryption slows the feeds so... they left them open.
Closed the front door, left the back open !

Reported in Wall St. J ,
around same time a 7 drone missle *uck dropped in on S Waz ...


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That wasn't much of a reply. "I don't think you have a clue..." - well, of course not, except for my limited reading of it over the internet. That's neither here nor there. Is Pakistan in a dangerous, precarious place? Yes, for God's sake! But then, so is Iran. And we actually have diplomatic relations with Pakistan. And Iran hasn't actually got the bomb yet. Think anyone will be invading Pakistan soon? Read some Schelling. And if Iran does develop a nuke sometime soon, following their consolidation of a regional power base and continued disruption of the Mid East, I fully expect to see pundits like Horton attacking the US government for not doing something immediately or sooner, while never, of course, spelling out what that something could be.

Oh yeah, and your vapid pronouncements ("you definitely don't have a clue what it's like to have friends or family in Iran...") are wrong (thanks all the same), irritating and an attempt to confuse the issues (as in: SO WHAT?). But I don't expect anything less from someone whose contributions to this board seem limited to the odd sentence, when they're not purely pejorative.

And in case you haven't noticed - I'm against military action in Iran, and pro defeating Al Qaeda/Islamic Fascism/global Salafi jihad anywhere and everywhere (unlike, as far as I can tell, YOU).
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