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is there any greater living author????
in a rare break from obscurity kelman writes about writing :
The Guardian Saturday August 11 said:

... Prose fiction was exciting at this level. Somebody was punching fuck out ye but ye went away and attended the cuts, had a shower, and came back with Daddy's axe. Tillie's work was a weapon. The true function of grammar. Make yer point. Writers need to learn these lessons. If you do not then you will not tell the story. You might tell other stories but not the one you could be telling. These bastards think they own the language. They already own the courts. They own everything. They want to block your stories, and they will, if you let them. So go and do your work properly. Ye will need every weapon....

'Make yer point'

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once spent half an hour next to the 'great writer' in a betting shop
total mug punter on the dogs and the horses
lots of face screwing as his selections invariably lost


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I recently picked up How late it was, how late in a charity shop and have just started reading it.

It's fucking weird to think that it was particularly controversial that it won the Booker (beyond the usual stuff that noone ever agrees that anything should have won an award) - I thought people got used to the idea of writing about working class people from a working class perspective using working class language some time in the 50's....

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It jist comes oot, ah says, it's the natchril rithm o the workin klass, ah jist opens ma mooth and oot it comes. Similar to the American dancer in reply to a related question, ah jes closes ma eyes an ma feets git to movin.


Ripping off Irvine Welsh is neither big, nor clever...


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Evidently. *confused*

Actually, one thing that's interesting about How late it was... is that there's almost no phonetic spelling - ye wasnae, ye didnae, and that's about it. The rest of the sound of it comes from the speech patterns and word choice. Which makes sense - it's not like standard english spelling is a phonetic representation of BBC english.


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Ripping off Irvine Welsh is neither big, nor clever...

you are obviously being deliberately stupid here, or at least i hope that's the case...

he's a great writer but not one i really enjoy reading these days
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YES IT WAS A JOKE or was at least intended as one OK I'm going now bye.

Hahaha - didn't you know? There is not even time for sarcasm here at Dissensus when it comes to chronological inaccuracies and the flow chart of who influenced who.

The policy round here is snub first, ask questions later.