Omar S


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what was the shipping like with fxhe? Also did you have to pay import tax?

the records are golden prices on there, last year got some friends from america to bring an order over - got like 10 records for £50 or so!


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This is an even better tune, same vibe, one take, lip syncing to the live tune

Big booze shop.

I love how he's doing these videos, just going about doing normal stuff. No fucking about with loads of people or anything.

I like how detroit looks, would love to go there. Great light.

This one has a psychogeographical flavour, with all the street signs

Then the switch at 2:30 and the guy playing his yamaha on the car, with the towel.

John FM rocks up with his 'Fuck Resident Advisor' t-shirt.


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I dunno maybe, i do like him. In these videos hes a right dude, looks like he just woke up.

And I like how they get the red glenfiddich, class.
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He doesn't just list groups of women actually. He lists loads of things and people. He starts talking about the black panthers, equal pay and stuff.


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Will check it. I like how entrepreneurial omar S is, like there's this big budget video he had done

And then hes just thought fuck paying some dickhead to make it all flash, I'll get my mate to do it, even better.


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Great image


is not like other people
Tracks people have posted here are great but just tried listening to one of his mixes and had to switch it off. Mysterious

First the Chronic 2001 style vocal going look at all this money girl

Then the dread ful piano

Then both on the same track. That was enough