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In the market for new gear? Looking for the most bang for your buck/punch for your pound/explosion for your euro? Me too. So, let's hear some opinions.

There was a headphone thread aound here somewhere, but I can't seem to put my finger on it.

Anyway, my beloved Sony MDR7506s have finally given up the ghost and I'm looking to try something new. These Beyerdynamic DJX-1s are in the mail as I type. I'll let you know how they are once they arrive.

Any thoughts?


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Sony MDV R700 -
PROS: Very comfortable, with great bass-heavy sound (well balanced for mixing in a club, rather than for home listening). Nifty posing pouch style silky bag!

CONS: My own set and those of my friends eventually broke at the swivel joint... the plastic in this area is flimsy. Mine lasted a couple of years, but I wouldn't recommend them for regular use because the build quality doesn't match the price tag.

Sennnheiser HD25 -
PROS: Nice clean signal. Everything is replaceable (ear pads, cable etc etc). You can upgrade the cable to a longer version, terminating in a 1/4" jack, Chief Napalm. You can also upgrade the pads to velour :cool:

CONS: I haven't found any yet... I find the cheaper version (HD25SP) uncomfortable, though.

They usually have all the bits and pieces in stock at Thomann.


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OK, well i have the Sennhiser Hd25s.

I use them for both mixing and also iPod on bus to work/holidays. Possibly not the done for people who really know what they are doing?!

Pros - seem very well made and hard-wearing. Have hammered them, got a bit of rain on them and fallen on them in a drug induced haze and they seem fine. On a few epic bus journeys i used them for 6 or 7 hours in a day. Did feel a bit like i had a permanent clamp on my head after all that time though.

Good sound quality and when both ears are on they block out sound quite well.

Parts replaceable and swivel ear.

Every time i see a camera person or a person being interviewed on TV or even people recording stuff in films they are always wearing these which i take to be a good sign!

Chef Napalm

Lost in the Supermarket
I'm loving my new Beyerdynamic DJX-1s. They cost about the same as the 7506s here in Canada, but they swivel and, to my ears, isolation is much better. I'm also finding that they provide more detail on the highs and upper mids than my old Sonys. It has meant that I'm digging out lots of my favourite music for another listen through the new cans.

Beyerdynamic DJX-1: Recommended.


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I havent tried all of them, but i had the Sony MDR V6 for years and years, until finally they broke. It surpassed all others in richness of sound, loudness, and comfort. Durability and the short coiled cord are the only drawbacks, since they are more studio hedphones than DJing.

I tried a few other pairs after that, and only one was close: the Beyerdynamic DT880. Sooooo comfortable, with that nice cloth earpiece. But they were my roommates, so I have bought another pair of V6's - which I think have actually been discontinued. They are much better than the new copy.


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I'm looking for a pair of £50 headphones... going to go to Turnkey in London town tomorrow...

What should I get? Help! Puhlease!