Animal Collective's new jam

Benny B

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Anyone else digging the new Animal Collective album 'Strawberry Jam'?

It seems to be a much more immediate album than 'Feels' to my ears, especially the Panda Bear tracks 'Chores' and 'Derek'. Maybe not quite as good as 'Person Pitch' though, and I reckon they should have included 'Safer' (b-side to 'Peacebone' single), thats an incredible song. Too long I guess...
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every time they release a new record, i convince myself that i should give them one more chance. and every time i force myself to play the new cd a half-dozen times...and every time i end up saying to myself "what am i missing here?" and then i trade in the cd.

to each his own, enjoy if you like 'em but guess they're just not my thing. didn't mind the last panda bear cd, even though (as discussed elsewhere here) every song sounded the same.