3 Part Psychedelia Compilation

spooky girlfriend

Wild Horses
Links to some of the many compilations I waste my time on. Mixes will come when I get my decks and try to beatmatch whilst sober, which means they'll be toss:slanted:. Probably better for the uninitiated this but feel free to critique. Think there's a faulty track on the first one.


'Teatime Psychotropics' -Psychedelia Compilation pt.1: the 1960's, progressive stuff, silly stuff, upbeat stuff, bad trip stuff, and some garage thrown in.


'Head Music' -Psychedelia Compilation pt.2: the 1970's, tracks are fewer but longer. '4 eras of Can', proto-dance music with 'motorik' rhythms, funk-psych, stream-of-consciousness stuff.


'Out of Psych' -Psychedelia Compilation pt.3: 1980's to present, the ghost of psychedelia through post-punk, shoegaze and the psych-revival of the 90's.


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spooky girlfriend

Wild Horses

01 Rain - The Beatles
02 Omaha - Moby Grape
03 I Like My Toys - The Idle Race
04 When She Comes To Stay - Skip Bifferty
05 Beatle Bones & Smokin' Stones - Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band
06 Paper Sun - Traffic
07 Loneliest Person - The Pretty Things
08 She Says Good Morning - The Pretty Things
09 Stephanie Knows Who - Love
10 Sugar And Spice - The Cryan Shames
11 Happiness Stan - The Small Faces
12 My White Bicycle - Tomorrow
13 Train Kept A Rollin' - Brave New World
14 Carpenter - The Clouds
15 I'm Rowed Out - Eyes
16 The Castle - Love
17 Time Will Show The Wiser - Fairport Convention
18 Why - The Byrds
19 Joy Of A Toy - The Soft Machine
20 Why Am I So Short? - The Soft Machine
21 Soul Kitchen - The Doors
22 Pie In The Sky - The Idle Race
23 I Can Hear The Grass Grow - The Move
24 3/5 Of A Mile In 10 Seconds - Jefferson Airplane
25 High In A Room - The Smoke
26 Senhor F - Os Mutantes
27 Worry - Free
28 The Pot Head Pixies - Gong
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spooky girlfriend

Wild Horses

Yoo Doo Right - Can
Halleluhwah - Can
Vitamin C - Can
Future Days - Can
E-Musik - Neu!
Veterano - Harmonia
The Bogus Man - Roxy Music
Station To Station - David Bowie
Giggy Smile - Faust
Funk Gets Stronger -Funkadelic
Mind - Talking Heads
Drugs - Talking Heads
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spooky girlfriend

Wild Horses

Garden -The Fall

Life Stinks -Pere Ubu

My Cherry Is In Sherry -Ludus

Second Head -The Teardrop Explodes

Golden Hair -Slowdive (Syd Barrett cover innit)

Only Shallow -My Bloody Valentine

Star Sail -The Verve

A Sleepy Company
-The Olivia Tremor Control ('Black Foliage' described of the Sgt Pepper's of the Elephant Six psych-revival collective; sound collage blabla)

Motorcar -The Apples In Stereo

Seems So -The Apples In Stereo (Beatles chord changes and harmonies abound)

Floater -The Telepathic Butterflies

I Meant to Kill Him
-Henry's Phonograph (only new band I know to incorporate the 60'svox organ)

Receptacle For The Respectable -Super Furry Animals

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Thanks spooky, I'm sure you did include t/l's in the d/l's - I just need to know what I'm getting into before I commit to 'save as' on my unreliable connection.