3 damn fine craftsmen...


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The Glen Brown is fantastic. Queerly lots of references to the Post-Punk era in the picture titles.

[font=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]portrait of "Mark E Smith as Pope Innocent X" in a Frank Aurbach style:

Smith commented that: "he couldn't see the resemblance" Ian Curtis gets the treatment too. Highly recommended.


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more kraft

away from thee kapital , as part pf the LIVERPOOL BIANNALE ................The nocturnal meanderings of the North West of England exasperate and dumbfound cook kids and sleaze monkeys alike. Doodling within the lines, Lesley Halliwell resurrects 1970s children’s favourite the spirograph. The toy allows Halliwell to create dynamic monochromatic feats with rigid masochistic parameters; dazzling ripostes to senseless homework given by a lascivious art teacher.
The critical mass of the colour field and time taken to complete a drawing is dictated by the amount of ink in her biro, while form is predominately the outcome of whatever spirograph she uses. Superficially, the drawings are much in the spirit of self-perpetuating postmodern process painting, yet they lack the slickness normally associated with such work. The paper tears, haemorrhaging ink that imbues the drawings with a ragged, grungy facture. They resemble psychedelic tie dies, opening up an apocalyptic reading of postmodern painting raised in popular and counter culture, in historical accident rather than the linearity of dreary (anti)formalism
Parliament Street Industrial Estate Liverpool