charity shop booty


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copped a paul smith coat a couple of weeks ago, and a good Eric Satie tape for 59p which also came in handy de-icing my windscreen this week.

anyone else come up trumps?

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tom pr

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I went into a charity shop to buy some furniture recently, and someone had put a big stack of old british metal seven inches down: Saxon ones, and Ronny James Dio singles with ridiculous, badly-drawn dragons and devils and jewels on the covers. Obviously I bought them, but with a tinge of sadness as I couldn't help picturing a tragic old rocker putting them into the shop, giving up his collection to benefit the future generation of leather-clad brit metallers...


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I'm still waiting for my Moog, but I did get a Yamaha DX100 and a Kawai drum machine a few years ago. My richest pickings were when my son was born and I had to push him around in his pushchair every morning so my other half could have at least two hours of unbroken sleep. I had a route that meant I could catch a string of them as they opened, early-bird style...
when i was 16 and couldnt get a job i volunteered in one all summer

the ammount of good stuff i got is unbelievable - the workers take all the best pickings at bargain prices

but then its not about the money the shops make, which is pretty paltry (unless your Oxfam)
the manager said that the majority of charities money comes from will's and land grants and stuff, the shops are out there to maintain good publicity for the charity and rake in a little loose change.

i really hate how the oxfam shops have depersonalised the pricing of their goods with pre-printed prices. when i was working all the prices for goods were decided by the staff on an ad hoc basis, with no pressure to meet sales targets.

we had a cheap as chips policy but were the highest grossing london shop for that particular charity

working in a charity shop is a lot of fun