fao: new york city people


Prodigal Son
this is kind of a weird request, but anyways...

I've been thinking about writing a piece about my days of going to squat raves in London, and I kind of would like to have a mix to go along with it. the problem is, I don't have decks here in New York (my decks are in London and I've not gotten around to shipping them back since I moved back a year ago), so I'd like to ask any of the New York City based dj's if I could possibly come round to record the mix. I'll buy you a six-pack or something as a thank you.

polystyle desu

Memories of green
Hi Pearsall
not such a wierd request,
I make some calls to DJ friends who have theirs set up.
Like to help u make it happen
Bk at ya


This Is It
i need a spot to burn vinyls and tapes to mp3s, any NYers know a good spot? i'm super cheap.


Beast of Burden
I may be able to help you out, not directly, but through friends . . . . my e-mail is "dominic1972@hotmail.com"