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My new work is starting an internal blog.

Can anyone suggest a good off the shelf blogging solution? The crucial aspect is that it should be limited access, and secure.



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wordpress seems to be the most popular now, has overtaken Moveable Type it would seem?


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There's lots of factors here, hard to just say "this is best", rather than "this fits your work best"... Do you have an intranet? Is that managed by someone (who could also do the blog setup)? My suggestions would change depending on that kind of thing.

Re: security, I guess the big thing is whether you're going to host internally, i.e. on your local network, or on a website.

Internal, security stuff is not a consideration when choosing the blogging software. It's about the server you're running it from. if you've already got an intranet you could run the blog off the same server without having to do extra security work. I think. :)

On a website, I imagine you have to restrict it using logins and passwords. Those wouldn't be synced with whatever accounts you've already got. That sounds like a pain to me, from an administrative perspective.

Unless you're using Google Docs etc. and all have Google accounts - then you could use Blogger.

Again, depends on the workplace as to how much of a burden that would be. How many staff, how tech savvy, how much turnover, is security so important that you'd want to change passwords regularly, etc.?

Anyway... I've used WordPress, Blogger, Movable Type, plus the blogging modules attached to Drupal and Dot Net Nuke CMSssss. Of those my gut would be WP, but MT's just as good.

The CMS ones are worth considering if you do have an intranet (and it's being managed!) because if you can just slap on a module to get the blog going then that keeps the setup pretty speedy and should reduce ongoing maintenance - same set of skills being used for intranet should apply to blog. Typically a bit cumbersome and shit compared to a standalone blogging option.

If you are going for a website, Blogger is OK, the newest iteration involves heaps of tools to edit the look and feel of your blog without having to code stuff. So, again, depending on the skills you've got at your work (or your work pays for...) that could be a real benefit.


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My question was (selfishly) not related to work, just wanted a recommendation for a personal blog. Used Blogger a few years ago, didn't like it. Tumblr looks nice. Whaddyareckon?