VR Head Tracking

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Super cool.

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a wonderful wooden reason
That is very cool.

Might even be significant. All that time spent messing around with head mounted dual LCD displays and all along it was so much simpler!

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a wonderful wooden reason


That article seems quit old actually. Can't see a date but it says "Practical portable 3-D systems won't be available until at least 2005"


Haha, that was still the second google result. Seemed to have more info than the wiki. Can't wait 'til 2005!


Factory Girl
that's too cool.

my sister said she saw and used something similar to this at some neurology conference a few months back. they too had it hooked up to a wii and apparently had a multi-screen multi-player demo working away from the show floor. it was being displayed as something that could be used during research, to simulate the exact same situation for several test subjects. i'll see if i can get any other information from her about it.

always interesting to see what the homebrew crowd come up with though isn't it!