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noodles groovechronicles
i'm new too this kind of thing. i'm a uk garage producer/dj i go under the name groove chronicles i'm interested in more feedback regarding peoples thoughts of the whole change in uk garage to grime to dub step etc..

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If that really is Noodles, then you created some of the best music ever. I think that Grime and Dubstep are great, but I don't like them anything like as much as 2step and UKG. The sort of garage Groove Chronicles put out was just the most-evolved yet groovy msuci that "dance" ever produced.

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I got mad Groove Chronicle's 12's

One of the top 2-step producers

This is tempting me to go diggin thru my crates.


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Noodles, if the, then you're no stranger to many here
but we have just as many questions for you

first you gotta understand that for some of us Groove Chronicles were like THE magic touch from that whole era
even though other producers were on for one or two records y'all had practically an unbroken string
reminded me like of Dillinja c. 93/94

but there's always been the mystery of who did what and why the partnership of you and Lewis had the magic

Lewis has said that he worked up "Stone Cold" while you were away
but there's still:
"X Wants You Back", "Get Me", "Love Lady", "Just The Way You Like It", "Power's Taking Over", "Bye Bye", "Masterplan", "Angel Body", "Burnin' ", "Anytime", "Faith In You", "Hold On", "Get Down", "Natural", "Chronicals Theme", & more

he's carried some of that sound, but the spirit is missing - why did it work then and not now?

for me the missing key is R&B. the strength of those records is usually the female soul component.
you guys provided even deeper productions than we are used to hearing with those vocals
but the productions without the soulful pop anchor are tracky, dry

I miss that vibe man. hooked, chasing it elsewhere - sometimes find it, but those records will always been in the bag


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BIG UP Noodles!

After all these years I'm still searching for a copy of Angel Body - can you hook me up?


noodles groovechronicles
Thanks too everybody who has replied, thanks too egg for the plasticman link. i know little chris well. corr where do i start? also thanks again too all of you out there who have actually bought GROOVECHRONICLES records and still support the scene in what ever shape or form.
i do understand change or musical development or even LIFE as i would say, i'm not a young man anymore(30 plus) so new producer of now are being influenced by what they see and here.
For me at the time it was growing up with funk, electro, rare grooves, house, disco, pop etc.. 1970's tv break dancing, graffiti everything which is now.
And everyone had a link too each same schools, hanging around the estates together , cousins, families we where all on the same tip.
What shaped me musically was beening involved in the acid house era, beening a young raver, too actually working in night clubs, too ending up producing music, and spending a number of years in working in recordshops learning the trade ie passion records(inside mash oxford st) zoom records camden, unity records beak st, unit 2 dean st, flying records dean st, release the groove denman st, uptown records d'arbyl st.
All what happened to myself just happened, if you can understand that? I can try and give you a kind of history of this musical hybrid jounery that i've had.
I still making music, and the website should be up and running. There is a lot of tracks which i've produced and remixed coming on vinyl, or remixes just streamed on the site ie lil bow wow, destinys child, 112, sia, jagged edge, to name but a few.. kool for those who call remember the older tracks on the label, but to answer a few questions i did produce all the groovechronicles music, while lewis(el-b) as i called him engineered.That's how it worked one as the idea's and the other pushes the button, i dont really what to comment on his production work to date, because we are too separate individuals. And currently i'm working on my own which is a good thing..
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wasn't feeling late Groove Chronicles as much

"Black Puppet" was the tipping point for me
the sounds were interesting, but the energy was depleted, more an empty robot vibe
(post-nuke holocaust wasteland)

it is one of the first dubstep tunes ever (and no, I'm still hangin' on to it!)


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Noodles, can you explain about First Steps and Sterling Styles?

was First Steps a producer/duo/trio part of G.C.-related camp? who were these mans?
and was Sterling Styles a vocalist or no?


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easy noodles, heard yr name spoken of in hallowed terms for a long time......however, other than the big remixes i missed out on yr tunes man....

is there anywhere online i can hear some of the classics mentioned by plasticman in his piece on the 'essentials' thread?

big up anyhow.....


noodles groovechronicles
kool hadean..
i'm doing a website at the moment, so all the G.C tracks will be able too download new and old, and all the remixes will be streamed so you can hear them all, also maybe some vinyl not sure yet.
sterling styles is a guy called marlon who is a mr fingers freak (what about this love) guerkin records i think it came out on that label?
i met him in release the groove and he was into the sound so he played me a few bits, and i was like shit he sounds like shit. so i signed him up to do a 12 inch called the power ep ( which was the only ep he did for me) after that he did a mix of conner reeves(read my mind) which was a white label still on G.C label but not official.
but there was a groovechronicles remix of conner reeves with a booker t mix which came out on wildstar records.
first steps was just another name i came up with so i could try a different sound because every body was doing the same thing, and i'm into engery maybe its from my d'n'b background. But the name was only used once for nytce who was a girl r'n'b group who where signed to telestar( which is no longer around).
where you from? and how long have you been into garage?
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I arrived in London at the tail end of 2 step and missed out on the Groove Chronicles classics as well. I got to know about them after reading a piece by Kodwo Eshun which is well worth a look:


I found some audio files recently at http://www.garagemusic.co.uk/realaudiogl.html

Its nice to hear the sexy skip of those sounds..

I'm guessing that Stone Cold is a rare example of jazzy 2 step?? The sax and that Aaliyah sample are sweet!


noodles groovechronicles
you can say that...

you can say that.. but that was the beauty of uk garage you was able too do what you wanted because it was new!
just like early jungle.. we should all try and remember music is music whatever style and form it is..


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Noodles, I'm in New York

been into UKG since late '98
after reading all the hype bout speed garage through '97 and checking some of the (wrong) comps, which were mainly padded out with regular house cuts, I finally read Kodwo Eshun's review in (chuckle) The Wire of DJ EZ of Freeek FM presents Underground Garage Flavas, which sounded promising and was on ol fave Jungle selection label Breakdown no less. but it took me a year to find !

that did it (Nathan Lockett!, "Bad Boys (Move In Silence)", "Things Are Never", Anthill Mob, Booker T, ...) then it was Reynolds and Bethan Cole '98 wrap-ups checking Ramsey & Fen, Dem 2, "Doolally", etc. friend made me a tape and "Stone Cold" was the 3rd track - I was sold...


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All this is making me want to flick through those old now dusty garage white labels. yeah groove chonicles, along with ramsey and fen, dem 2 were well on top of things then - welcome noodles! hope you stick around.


noodles groovechronicles
clubnight classixs

kool hadean and bun-u
yeah there has been some not so good comps out there..
the usual bits, the old stuff is hard to find i'm going too stream some old club gigs like twice as nice, cookies and cream, puresilk where i was playing bad ass night on the website..
hopefully you might like what you hear...
you pull out all those bits and play them! have fun.