Live Recording of Ragga Twins Dancehall Set at Bar Rumba


The Heatwave
Forty minute live recording of the legendary Ragga Twins MCing alongside The Heatwave at Bar Rumba recently:

Flinty Badman and Deman Rockers host dancehall-style alongside a Heatwave selection of bashment and hip hop. Plus, sharing rhymes and swapping lines with perfect timing, the Twins drop lyrics including the classic Illegal Gunshot over riddims like Eighty Five, Tour and The Buzz.

Or get the short version with just the Twins vocalling the riddims:


there are no accidents
where ever this was looks like them Carib boys taking to the cold weather no too shabby :D


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Mampi Swift 5ive O Moose Navigator Stevie Hyper D Ragga Twins Fats Desert Storm 94

A -

B -

Ragga Twins and Navigator in Club 4 Aces Dalston 1988

Side A:
Side B:

Kenny Ken & Ragga Twins, Navigator, Dett @ Meditation 3 (16.03.1996)

Side A :
Side B :

Live On Kool FM 94.5 - November 27th, 1994

DJ: Pressure X, Swift & Trace
MC: Ragga Twins, Navigator & Rhyme Tyme

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Re: Heavy Sets 2 Download
Grooverider @ Telepathy With Navi Yankee Skiba & Shabba:


ANDY C SPYDA GQ JUICE NAVI SKIBA @ Innovation Warining 6th Birthday:


Mampi Swift with Trigga, Eks Man, Shabba, Spyda, Navigator - Breakology Boxing Day 2003:


Blackmarket with Mcs Trigga, Bassman, Shaydee, Spyda, Navigator @ Battle of the Mcs 4 @ The Rex:


Mickey Finn & Navigator @ Meditation 2 (21.10.1995)

Side A :
Side B :

Dj Brockie Mc Det Ragga Twins Mc Navigator @ Meditation 4 :


DJ Randall , Mickey Finn - Fats, Navi, Hyper D @ Meditation X-Mas Special '96 (side b)

Jumping Jack Frost feat MC Navigator & Ragga Twins @ Telepathy '94, The Wax Club :

Side 1+2 :

Mampi Swift & Cool Hand Flex @ Roas - Desert Storm Side A (Navi, Stevie Hyper D, Ragga Twins, 5ive-O ) :

DJ Hype Live @ Meditation alongside The Ragga Twins, Navi, 5ive-O

Jumping Jack Frost - Dett, Navi, Ragga Twins, 5ive-O, Moose @ Desert Storm - July 2nd, 1994 :

- A:

- B:

Mampi_Swift_Cool_Hand_Flex___Roas_-_Desert_Storm_Side_A__Navi_Hyper_D__Ragga_Twins__5 -O:

Shabba's 25th bday: Mampi Swift with Ragga Twins, Navi, Spyda


Live @ Jungle Fever 'The Curse Of The Fever' - Sept. 24th 1993
DJ: Ron MC: 5ive-0, Moose & Navigator

Live @ Jungle Fever 'Kings Of The Jungle' - Dec. 11th 1993
DJ: Hype & Andy C
MC: Navigator, Det, Five-O, Moose, Ragga Twins

Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:
Part 4: