Obscure Proxy Servers


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Ok, I can't stands no more.

My office has an EXTREMELY ZEALOUS filter on the internet here, which is quite annoying since it's a school which should encourage the free flow of information. The latest ramping up has got me ready to break some rules: they've just banned EMAIL (except for company email). Blocked:

All blogs.
All social networking sites.
All email.
ILX (under the email ban for some reason).
Youtube and other media sites.
Sundry other websites, seemingly without rhyme or reason.

About half of the images in a Google Image Search won't load.

Basically all I can do at work is check the weather, Wikipedia, and Dissensus (during the off-hours when those close to GMT are snug in their beds or high on psychedelics). This is killing me. What are some obscure proxy servers that might give me a chance to check my gmail while I'm trapped here otherwise wasting my time? All the proxies I've tried are blocked and my students won't tell me which ones work because they think I'll snitch.

noel emits

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I suppose your lucky they still block sites rather than only allowing certain sites!

Anyway the internet is a massive waste of time. Oh hang on, maybe that's what you're after...


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Depending on your nerdiness factor and your home setup, why not setup your own proxy server? Or, perhaps a bit simpler, install vnc at home, which will allow you to connect remotely to you home desktop, and then browse from there. VNC would require that your sys admins haven't disabled java on you machines.

But yes, if you have a broadband connection at home, and aren't too worried about the slightly increased security risk on your home machine, I would go for it. But then again i'm kind of a nerd :D


radio eros
i doubt VNC would be allowed through the firewall, probably the easiest way would be Logmein but i guess that costs, it uses whatever internet connection is at hand.

At our work people using sites to bypass the filters have actually been picked up and reported. They can tell your doing it so it's not all that easy.