Dwain Chambers


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Hang on. Wait there. Dwain Chambers was an alumni of Victor Conte's BALCO drugs farm. It was a big bust! You should compare him to Kelli White - busted for the same drug from the same place after the same World Champs - it is illuminating. Chambers went to America to learn how to win. He got doped up. He got caught. When caught, he said, "in this sport, it's impossible to win unless you cheat." Not true.

If you actually remember the race (Paris 2003) the motherfucker flunked it! Despite the gruesome BALCO diet he came fourth - behind Darren Campbell.

The reason he's so desperate to get back into sprinting is because 1. no decent American football team would have him because he can't catch or kick and 2. he can't do anything else anyway.

Chambers deserves the same twilight as Marion Jones, Tim Montgomery, Justin Gatlin, and the rest. Maybe there should be special hGH freak trials, just for the spectacle. In the meantime, fuck them. They're easy to spot anyway. People know. For example: Kim Collins, Asafa Powell - no way. But: Gatlin, Jones, Montgomery, White - that was obvious.

Former world 100m record holder Asafa Powell has received an 18-month ban for failing a drugs test.

The Jamaican sprinter, 31, took the banned stimulant oxilofrine at last year's national championships but the suspension has been backdated and will end on 20 December, 2014.


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Yeah, I know, I was wrong about Powell. People don't know. A typically shrill and over-confident post from the Old Craner.

When I came to do my investigative reports I was right, however, to point out that Jamaican sprinting was as dirty as the Americans, even though the island was getting all the good press at the time.


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that's true. it was a cheap shot. but it came about because 6 guests were all reading this thread at the time. weird.