late 90s tech-step


call me big papa
What depresses me about it is that TO ME it's the sound of indulging in weed paranoia :crylarf:

Although obvs that isn't true for others. At the same time I get the feeling some of the guys making this were extremely stoned and probably suffering unacknowledged depression. Nothing wrong with that ofc, just a zone I don't like to dwell in too much.


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It's definitely a skynet future. A mechanoid foot stamping on a human face forever lol


call me big papa
That's why that scrillex shit is more the sound of now, cos now the machines have got smiley faces painted on


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That's why that scrillex shit is more the sound of now, cos now the machines have got smiley faces painted on
not when you're blind they don't. i had to go through my screen readers dictionary and make sure that whenever I typed ": D" like this :D it would say open mouthed smile. the machines are still mechanistic, you are just seduced by them, I am by necessity not.


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well, I just did a mix of this stuff for those who are so inclined:

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01. Optical - To Shape The Future (Remix) (Metalheadz)
02. Jonny L - Piper (XL Recordings)
03. Mampi Swift - 2nd Strike (True Playaz)
04. Decoder - Twister (Tech Itch)
05. Zenith - Immortal (Frontline)
06. Ed Rush - Density (Metalheadz)
07. Dom & Roland - Swarm (Dubs from the Dungeons)
08. Cybotron feat. Dillinja - Light Years (Prototype)
09. Roni Size & Reprazent - Share The Fall (Grooverider's Jeep Style Mix) (Talkin' Loud)
10. Trace & Nico - Replicant (Idiosyncratic)
11. Trace & Nico - Amtrak (Nu Black)
12. Elementz of Noize - Other Side of Town (SOUR)
13. Technical Itch - The Virus (Moving Shadow)
14. Desired State - Invasion (Ram)
15. Dillinja - Armoured D (Metalheadz)
16. Dylan - Virus (Droppin' Science)
17. Future Forces Inc - Symetrix (Renegade Hardware)
18. Dom & Roland - Parasite (Moving Shadow)
19. The Limit - Get Stoned (Emotif)
20. The Specialist - Drop It On The One (Dread)
21. Stakka & K-Tee - Andromeda (Liftin' Spirit)
22. MTS - Hard Disk (Juice)
23. Bad Company - Brain Scan (BC Recordings)
24. Source Direct - Enemy Lines (Science)
25. Dom & Rob - Distorted Dreams (Moving Shadow)


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what do you lot reckon about this guy? i dont know if hes been brought up here before. his tunes feel steeped in similar sonics to the stuff mentioned here, although the drums tend to flex around and disappear down different tunnels rather than plod along. there are a few records out now, the more recent ones have been more straightforward linear smash hits style but ive been excited by all of them.

especially on these ones, with the metallic delay that seeps in and out of the tracks, you have these hi hats like those amplified recordings of ants chirping that trail in and out, and these low frequency rushes like sonification of solar wind. you get pulled between the scale of geomagnetic storms and insects talking to eachother, beetles stridulating.

recommend us some stuff like this please cheers