Walks You Have Done.


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just so youre clear youre not allowed to do it without agreeing to take your weight in psychoactive drugs. it's either that or the wicker man. those are your options. worshipper or sacrifice.
just want you to know what youre signing up for thats all


Beast of Burden
There's also the chance that you will get trapped in the amber of time, congealed in a megalithic landscape. It happened once before but the victim was freed by a celestial object which tore the sky apart in a storm of viridescent light.


Wild Horses
There's also the chance that you will get trapped in the amber of time, congealed in a megalithic landscape. It happened once before but the victim was freed by a celestial object which tore the sky apart in a storm of viridescent light.
Absolutely my idea of a good night out.


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Missing walking escapes under lockdown. A minor glitch. Last tours of Britain & Eire in no particular order

Mam Tor in Derbyshire. An old friend. Appalling site info billboarded, but necessary evil. Paleo to Neolithic to Iron Age to today. Avoid weekends if you’re animistically inclined. From north western routes, there’s the majestic Snake Pass & option of a detour to Nine Ladies. From the south, Matlock & Buxton’s period spa haunts. Sheffield & Nottingham are close. Easy going if you want a few miles a day.

Elan Valley - reservoir scheme nr Rhayader & Builth, more than enough options & grades. Wow. Fit adults can push off trail, it’s wild, open & unforgiving. Masses of rewards, go prepared, spring & autumn are kindest. ¥International Dark Skies¥ nights. You can go up across moorland or spiral the lakeside woodlands. Never get tired of the views. Nature reserves south for family groups, Aberystwyth is west. Summer turns into orthodox Jewish primo holiday territory, great food. Travel sw to Cardigan, Mwnt beach down to the Preseli hills. Ridgeways have Neolithic strangeness. St David’s beach in spring & autumn, all manner of routes to & from the ecclesiastical palace.

Wild Atlantic Way. Highly recommended, fuck knows when that could be next. Not competed. Different counties have varied terrain that define evocative. Incorporate your range into pit-stops & budget, or extend your speed limit & try & fit in the Aran islands & Rathlin Island. Seafood heaven when you’re done in at the end of a long day.

Bridgewater Bay. Cheap as chips legs between Weston, Burnham & Cheddar. Start at the Iron Age hillfort above Weston that Dione Fortune loved, past chateau Coil, along the seafront through Breen & Berrow, then hug the tide line to Burnham. The latter has one of the best chippies in Britain. Fact. Offers a bus to Cheddar, stay away Glastonbury weekend obviously.

Box Hill. Dorking isn’t the first place you could riff on, but had a blast here. Spiral the hill itself, but some of the rippled woodland in that part of Surrey is enchanting. Soul-less town full of cunts though, unfortunately.

Leek Hills. Not done, not from Eno so much as the shapes of the rock itself & its Green Knight shivers.

Surely that’s enough for now.


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You been walking much? I've been down a load of residential streets I'd never seen before. Quite exciting in a weird way. Yesterday I had a really good walk to Catford. Made me wish I had a camera. It was like Newham 20 years ago. Similar atmosphere. Felt very human in scale, very homely. I could live there.


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me and the boy craner ( http://cittaviolenta.blogspot.com ) inaugerated the 2005 walking season by going
scaling the beckton alp and admiring the view. this was pretty exhilerating. better in fact than the view from stratford's multi-storey carpark. a black patch with charred wood and ashes showed someone had had a fire on the summit. that seemed like a good thing to do. i hope they did it at night. driving past and seeing the alp aflame in the middle of the night would be an eerie sight.
i might lead an expedition up beckton alp later in the year.
come down
wandered about
got hungry
ate crisps
found our way to the lighthouse on the thames
it was open
went inside
the sun was setting
the sunset was reflected on the water and the windows of the office blocks.
three herons were fishing on the mudbanks.
that was good.
went to canary wharf. drank coffee. read paper. came home.
the end.
(the picture at the top of citta violenta is the view from the lighthouse)
There are now photos to go with this.


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Just got back from Southend with Vandross. Feel healthy. Have a sea-glow.

Southend pier is amazing...it goes on for miles!

We took a rickety old train to the end of it. We caught the last one which had old hits from the '40s blasting out of a cheap tannoy system. The sun was setting as we hurtled out into the channel.

We saw a bunch of brent geese mucking about in seaweed at the end of a boat ramp. We had turnstones whizzing about our heads in the breeze. Some very smart, if dour, winter plumage on display. We saw some small, white, fat birds racing along the shoreline, little legs going like crazy across shingle and foam. (They were sanderlings. I had to consult a field guide when I got home on that one. Also, I mistook barnacle for brent geese at the time. So sue me.)

At the end of the pier we watched three turnstones attack a large fish head and spine: the fish head had big, gawping empty eye-sockets.

Late afternoon had us walking into our shadows. A big cargo ship lumbered along the horizon.

In the shallows of the shore there are poles stuck at intervals in the sand. They wear green pointy caps. What are they for?

It was a bit like the Venice lido, in conclusion.

...with a grand old hotel crumbling into the wind. It has a most ornate turret tacked onto the end.
And this one.