Woofah 2 is OUT OUT OUT


Mostly we just talk about how this country's gone to the dogs and kids today and Frank Sinatra now THERE was a performer, a real entertainer he was...

Incidentally, I can't make it so there's an amnesty there for anyone who owes me a pint (which is, apparently, most of you).

Bang Diddley

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Are you sending any copies up to Tribe records (LDS) John ?

Also, VkVn, I still need to check you for issue 1 which I missed out on.

john eden

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I think Honest Jon's still have a few copies of issue 1 - you can order through their site.

Tribe should get some issue 2s by the end of the week.

john eden

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Low key drinks in Stoke Newington tonight then, pm me for details.

I'll try and do a proper "Dalston Dissensus Drinks" thread later today to arrange a date next week or week after. Unless somebody else wants to kick that off?


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Mine arrived yesterday - very much a step up in quality from Woofah 1 - in fact a lovely document!

Nice work!

matt b

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my copies have just arrived- so that's any meaningful work planned for today out the window.

nice bit of colour, layout is clearer, but still obviously 'woofah'- excellent work john, droid, paul and everyone else!

tribe will have copies by day's end.


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Although I violently disagree with the whole Doogz as the saviour of Grime thing.

The Ninjaman piece was very funny (is it the Martin who posts on here?) and inspired me to investigate his music further.


I brought my copy to Bath with me this week but have only read the Grimestoppers article because the desk in the hotel has a glass surface which doesn't play nice with my mouse. This problem has been rectified by using Woofah #2 as a mousemat. Works splendidly.