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Unimpeachable selection there, had forgotten how good swords is, now i remember it's one of my favourite wu tracks evah. Still have a few to listen to, mind.

The site is a little temperamental, so it's a tricky process. But using it is easy, left and right cursors, enter to pause/play. Sweet.

Here's mine, a beautiful trainwreckload. Endure!
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whats the point? isnt that just a webpage with text of a playlist you created?


Yeah, you just click the title of the first one and then it plays them all one after the other...

"Something for the Summer - bassically sound"

* Damian Marley - Khaki Suit (featuing Bounty Killer & Eek-A-Mouse)

* YT - England Story

* Ananda Shankar - Jumpin' Jack Flash

* The Clash - Police & Thieves

* The Clash - Robber Dub

* Mungo's Hi Fi feat Ranking Joe - I Love Jah

* Various Artists - Annointed One - Jah Marnyah

* Max Romeo - Fari Captain of My Ship

* Horace Andy - Dance Hall Music

* Horace Andy - On Tour

* Frisco - Skengman Mode Ft. Chipmunk & Double S

*Skepta - Blood, Sweat And Tears

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Enjoying this!! It's always good to step outside of your normal listening range and listen to something different. I also like Muxtape for not having to download another hard disk and time eating 100MB mp3.

yours would have ace, apart from the bloody clash.

i can stream muxtape to my phone too. nice.