LDN - 2May - MMMmeetBrukII - Cameo Cotti Heatwave Portable Darkstar Untold ++


I just dont know

Corsica Studios
Friday 2nd May
10pm- 5am

dancehall - fidget - dubstep - grime - bassline

Heatwave (Soul Jazz)
DJ Cameo (1xtra)
Skull Juice
Cotti & MC Slickman
Man Make Music DJs
DJ Exel (Deviate)

BRUK present
house - garage - techno - dubstep - acid

Portable aka Bodycode (Sud Electronic / Spectral Sound)
Darkstar (2010 / Hyperdub)
Untold (Hessle Audio)
2 rooms of funktion one sound


visuals provided by Felix's Projector Tank
Corsica Studios
Unit 5, Farrell Court,
Elephant Road,
London SE17 1LB

Tube: Elephant & Castle
Night Buses: 12, 53, 148, 176, 188, 453, N1, N35, N63, N68, N89, N133, N155, N171
Email: info@manmakemusic.com
Phone: 0207 703 4760 (Corsica Studios)​
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One day all nights will have line-ups like this!

Am going to do level best to come and not take lots of drugs like at the last one and have no memory of it the next day.:confused:

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fantastic lineup and guarenteed amazing vibes. the last one smashed it.

I think I may be in scotland for this unfortunately but if I'm in london I'm there in a secoooooond


I just dont know
ha! i would say that Scotland as a whole country should most certainly not be cancelled, lest you forget my proud northern heritage and our allegiance to our neighbours! damned southerners

but on a serious note, i am saddened by this news! i was hoping for you to experience the wonder that is Portable's liveset. alas

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haha, well, I am proud to be approx. 50% scottish so I'm probably with you on the anti-cancellation tip

I'm a bit gutted about it too, a lot of people have told me how sick he was at fabric the other month so i was really looking forward to this. Can't be helped unfortunately :( Many sick parties to come though I'm sure!


I just dont know
last year was probably the most enjoyable rave i've ever been to. very low key, its run by the guys who run the label Mindtours, although Trimsound and Sud Electronic are also heavily involved i think. vibes were unparalleled, so intimate, so many wonderfully friendly people there, and the music was amazing.

and it was only like £40 for a ticket last year. and you can get a bedroom in the venue if you want! for a reasonable rate including breakfast. with shower etc :D

im unsure whether the lack of info / promotion is intentional or not!