Horace Andy On Tour (Trojan Apr 28th) AMAZING!!!


Release: Horace Andy "On Tour" (Trojan Apr 28th) AMAZING!!!

Oh my! I got a pre-release of this album and it's blown me away. The tracks "On Tour" and "Dance Hall Music" are fire!! I was expecting this to sound like "old" reggae but although people ask him to he prefers to keep his sound new...in need of someone from here to review it properly!

http://www.trojan-records.com/ < It's on the front page and released on 28th April. I should be putting some of these tracks on a Myspace page soon so will update here when done. Recommended!!

EDIT: http://www.myspace.com/culturepromotionsuk << Title track on the Music player

Blog post on the MySpace with tracklisiting etc.
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I haven't heard mine yet. :eek:

The promos have people's names printed on the CD, which is quite cool.