Recording radio programmes onto your computer


Prodigal Son
you just need any kind of sound recorder really. If you want a free one, just download CD Wave (google it), it records wav files, and you'll need another program to convert to mp3, but it does the trick. Or you can get a cracked version of Soundforge or Cool Edit Pro. Just make sure when you are recording that you leave your computer alone, because the recording will be of all sound on the computer, so MSN bleeps and any kind of little clicks from doing stuff will be recorded as well.

Diggedy Derek

Stray Dog
I just use a shitty program called Avance AV Rack which records audio on the mic input, while plugging the headphone socket into the mic socket. The quality is fine.


Total Recorder works really well - I think its about $20 US for the full version but it basically records anything going thru yr soundcard so good for recording streaming audio