Shamanic Trance Dance, Part 1

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Last year was rough. By far not my best, although it was filled with delight and pleasures I cannot explain. At one point I reached a level of despair and wanted to be admitted into hospital for it. I had given up. One the road to recovery ( I would like to add that I frequently sought out help) I was told about Shamanism by a friend. I wasn't necessarily introduced to the practice of shamanism by my friend. I was aware of his initiation into Sufi and I myself had been initiated into Sahaja yoga and various form of spiritual practice. He informed me of a place that for the night was holding a shamanic trance dance. I had no Idea what this meant and was sure that would be dancing to trance music. When we got there by way of car, I walked into a room that smelt heavily of incense, where there was a row of cushions lined out in a circle. there were candles various items and paraphernalia and on the walls art works of FIRE, WATER AIR and EARTH.

We were instructed to take our shoes and socks of, get comfortable and join the circle. I would like to add at this point that next door was a Christian prayer group and their views on what we were doing was disgusting :rolleyes:. Saying that we were about to raise the devil and speak to evil spirits and such, I really felt bad for the teacher who was a white lady aged around 27. She had a wonderful voice and a fantastic smile. there were about 17 of us. As we sat in the circle formation she introduced us to her companion, a man with wild eyes. ( it was night , I saw them the next day) who she described as a medicine man, who would be helping with the ceremony. As she spoke to the group she said that these are hectic time that we live in, where many people are not sure who they are, who are not in tune with their nature of beings on this earth. How to treat the earth. Her speaking to us was part of what she called a journey. It was relaxing. I think it was her way of distancing us from the rest of the world so to speak. What she explained to us was that we would be partaking in an experience that would change our lives. To be honest this talk of life not being what it should be, I've heard before and I find it ridiculous when I hear it. However to recognize the original sentiment is important and I couldn't help but feel she had rights to that kind of speak. SO it was beautiful. It was explained that we would be dancing for some time and using a technique of breathing known as the breath of fire. As we stood up, ( I would like to say that the people there were beautiful, ) she demonstrated this.

The breath of fire was basically a technique of breathing the involved taking two large inhalations through the nostrils. Like two quick snorts of cocaine. Only much larger. After taking the breath in, it was exhaled as though trying to blow out candles on a birthday cake. So two quick inhalations in quick succession and the an exhalation. This she said we would be doing, while blindfolded and dancing to music.


sounds crazy...should I stay or should I go?!!

I stayed and partook in the festivities. Focusing on an intention all the while was important said she. My experience the two times I've done this have been different. There is a stage in the warm up where we imagine our roots and our connection to the earth. We imagine being filled by a light and a warm felling follows. this , all the while powerful shamanic music played in the background. this was the first stage to the experience. We were instructed to dance and use the breath of fire, moving around the room and expressing our emotions in the moment. that could mean screaming or crying shouting or humming. but we were told that it could be a reflection of our egos. I was certain at the time that I was the victim of a Psychic Vampire and my thoughts and life was leading to shit because of it. I also didn't know what was wrong with me so that answer did. When the music started I began as I had before than to experience a battle. A need to fight what was happening to me or to run. I was blindfolded, for all I knew we were getting robbed. What can I say. Doing the breath of fire has a profound effect on the mind. One way I can describe it is a sustained experience of taking wasabi, the Japanese mustard. If you know wasabi, you know that wasabi don't play and it's taking whats yours in the form of a head rush. Breath of fire = Wasabi`. I guess in some way it utilities the air that we breathe. So the music playing was freaking and the two of them walked around with objects, like drums and rattles. making the noises. This changed the dimension of the sound and the dimension of the room. So we breathed and we danced. And my experience got worse. It was a battle and a fight. yet I was learning and developing a new approach to viewing my inner space. I felt like I could run through the room in my mind. as opposed to doing it physically.

The third stage of the dance was to lie down on the ground at which point we were covered by a blanket. and the music changed dimension again. the man played through a massive horn. In an OM fashion. I was transported into moments as a child when I felt secure and safe. The music then changed to some women. Who sang Kind of giggly. which was nice. three of them. It was beautiful. Yet my experience was marred by my battle and the struggle I had. At one point I ran into a wall and there was much confusion with screaming and the sort. When I took my blindfold off. I saw the shaman lady walking towards me and she gave me a kiss, which was nice.

The next day I went back for a more intensive session. which I shall tell you about another time.

Since then I've had an interest in Shaman ism and Reiki. which i understand to be quite a brutal and rewarding practice for the shaman themselves. This lady, I'm told as with all shamans had to spend two years in isolation. she did her time in the mountains. And I spent some time in India the reputed home of the shaman. We have many a gentleman from India called shah as I'm sure you are aware. There aren't many shaman in the western world today...This could well be a shame. I felt amazingly rewarded by this experience and I would recommend it to anyone who has the opportunity to go. Or if you have the opportunity to hear from a Shaman, listen. Many answers. A very old SURVIVING practice. I am almost sure that the powers that be are aware of the importance of the Shaman. Perhaps they use Shamen. Perhaps they are not seen as having any benefit to society today?! Perhaps their views on the world are psychotic and schizophrenic. This particular lady was wonderful. A LEADER. Someone who might just be a blessing on this Earth. As she would say, tread lightly. &

honey in your heart.

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And I spent some time in India the reputed home of the shaman
did you find any shamans?
aren't there loads of different types of shaman? like a conflation of various early historical practices throughout the world that all seem similarly nefarious to the abrahamic hierarchs (sensory derangement is commonplace......the south americans with their ayahuasca, the finno-ugrics and their hallucingenic reindeer wee)

some time ago i got talking to a turkish person who was talking about tengriism, the sky-god early religion of the turks in their 'ancestral homeland' in altai (russia/kazakhstan/china) and how turkish ultra-nationalists have renewed their interest in it........they have shamans too apparently

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When I got out the airport in India, there was a man waiting for me. I said 'are you from the hotel'. He said 'yes'. 'Jolly good stuff, off we are.' 10 mins drive later...'you're not from the hotel are you?!' 'yes, yes, hotel, very good.' :rolleyes:

'Take me back to the airport.....':rolleyes:

I didn't meet anyone in India who was a Shaman unfortunatly. Lots of nice people however. A psychic and a reiki master....

Sounds nice a place with lots of Shaman. What I was transfigurally interested in was the concept of taking a "Journey". The Journey, so I've heard can be vitally important for the Shaman and a very 'real' experience. Into the world of things that are not there as they seem, into a world of symbols and energies. One of the jobs of the Shaman, to remember the Journey and bring back the information they have gathered. Apparently by inticing spirits and the like...are you listening??

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The idea of the dance was to gain a different state of mental being. I would say it worked. Supposedly enough there seems to be elements of Shamanism in Judaism as well as other religions. We must all recall Ezikiel. The book I'm reading on the subject happens to be my main source of information at the moment. :slanted:

Decoding dreams--The traits of a shaman, perhaps are common place. Your friend who inquires further into a story, perhaps at that moment exibits Shamanic qualities. Refusing to hear things as they are....'wait wait, wait...what were you doing there?!' Irrelevant to the story as it seems, not to him. :)

You used some words I don't understand:


Yes, shamans.....


is not like other people
here goes nothing

You used some words I don't understand:

conflation = a mixture of two or more principles performed in a slapdash manner

nefarious = sinister, of ill repute

abrahamic = of the three main book-based world religions, namely Islam, Judaism, Christianity

ultra-nationalists = those even more nationalistic than common or garden patriots, those who carry nationalism to extremes, the lunatic fringe of nationalism

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The Shaman is a character of great power; a near-universal Jungian archetype, a man or woman able to contact, converse with and even manipulate the shadowy denizens of the Spirit World through techniques such as dance, chanting, fasting and the use of narcotic or hallucinogenic sacraments: