what you currently enjoying ?


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avocado on naan with salt. the simplest, most delicious and healthy lunch ever :D


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rancho relaxo allstars -- the answer is always yes (dig pretty much anything done by abe duque).

looking forward to a lunch of calamari and ziti from the italian deli down the block, yum...


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i just put appart and back together lawn mower because it isn't working properly. it still doesn't work but at least i had two fun hours with a friend. now im listening to chris abrams and mike cooper album that came out on room 40 not too long ago, it's rater lovely.


been listening to compilations of 70's prog folky stuff for two days
also been enjoying bamboo houses by sakamoto and sylvian, i need somebody tonight by sylvester (vocal version), twightlight by maze and hills of katmandu by tantra, those are the only other things i've really been into.


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Till The Stars In his Eyes are Dead off of ShellyDevoto Buzzkunst ,
totally missed this one when it came out and while well, it's not Magazine, this will serve.

Seconding Bamboo Houses , hope to have it on a new compilation, fingers crossed a certain London label comes on board :D


enjoying a record called african rhythms by a group from san fran called mi ami - really good weird pop with shit loads of mental drumming on and screaming

also a band called pyramids first album the pyramids on hydrahead, really weird swirling psychedelic mixture of shoegaze freejazz lectronix and black metal, really clean way, really disorientating stuff, but they're more entriguing than 100% enjoyable.
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the new pink skull cd, excellently entitled "zepplin 3," is pretty cool. cheapo all-over-the-place electronic but catchy. fun stuff. also still digging anja schneider's "beyond the valley" on mobilee.

but my fav of the day is something i just downloaded: "do animals believe in god" by pink military. i remember having it back in the day, great post-punk from 1980, oop for a long time. so good.

Poisonous Dart

Lone Swordsman
My Top 10 Of The Moment

All Natural-Elements (Fire)
J Dilla- Pay Jay (unreleased MCA LP)
9th Wonder & Buckshot-The Formula
Blue Sky Black Death-Late Night Cinema
The Roots-Rising Down
Atmosphere-When Life Gives You Lemons, You Paint That Shit Gold
Braille-The IV Edition
7L & Esoteric-Esoteric Vs. Japan: Pterodactyl Takes Tokyo
Little Vic-Each Dawn I Die



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bits of the new roots album (well the first 3-4 songs)
parts of the santogold album
old stuff - terry callier, bobby womack, various 70s reggae

henry s

Street Fighting Man
Mellow Candle - Swaddling Songs
Minnie Riperton - Perfect Angel
Imaginational Anthem - Vols. 1-3
Guy Clark - Old No. 1
the new Erykah Badu with the really long title