what you currently enjoying ?


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This is fucking great. Incredible Just Blaze beat and Jay Electronica has to be one of the best rappers I've heard in a while.

Exhibit A is also great, as is everything else I've heard by him.

hugely agreed ... i thought he'd disappeared ... so pleased to hear this


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luv this cd.


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new four tet, there's a few top tunes on it! and those early versions (?) of new massive attack which are well splendid as well!


bandz ahoy
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bit of a tearjerker this one

great tune though


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Chilled sun

Popnoname's "Momente" Pop Ambient best of mix
Jon Hassell's "Last night the moon came dropping it's clothes in the street"


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This loada noise...

Gang Gang Dance - Live @ The Troubadour August 28th 2009 Unknown song 3


There is so much going on, but it sounds like so much fun!

I really liked their last album and this is new stuff apparently, but I'm yet to see them live, sounds like a laugh though in a hyperfunk hipster jam band kinda way.


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