what you currently enjoying ?


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Nodding along to Joy Orbison's 'The Shrew' EP, and also being pleasantly surprised by Autechre's new 'Oversteps' album.


tangerine dream live at albert hall 1975 is one of the best things i've ever heard (recording of it i mean, i wasn't there, wasn't born)


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well this gets to the point alot quicker and looses the rather joyless ott classical aspirations.

yeah, was just taking the piss a bit. dolphins into the future "...on sear-faring isolation" is another good one along those lines.


yeah, was just taking the piss a bit. dolphins into the future "...on sear-faring isolation" is another good one along those lines.

i couldn't get into that it was too much like genuine new age music, like alot of the ferrano stuff, just new age music bounced on cassette, seems to be too much of a kinda in joke for me, i'm very suspicious. i like the emeralds stuff mentioned down thread alot more.


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Some current favourite tracks:

Nudge - "War Song"
The xx - "Infinity"
Micachu - "Ship"
Antipop Consortium - "Get Lite"
Gang Starr - "Brainstorm"
Mordant Music - "SyMptoMs"
Deadstock - "Nobody" (Baron Mordant project from the '90s!)
Oneothrix Point Never - "Russian Mind"
Gas - "Pop Track 2"
Babe Rainbow - "Like I Give a Care"
Seefeel - "Sway" (New track!)


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more jay elec


alright so its no different from what say pharoahe might do but in current climate it just nice to hear someone who can handle a mic

Am I the only person who's fallen out of love with Jay Elec?

Don't get me wrong, Exhibit C is great in theory, but I sort of yawned through the verses, and the fact that people are acting like it's divine revelation is just a little tedious...

He did a lot better on the Sa-Ra remix, in my opinion.


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no i disagree i think hes the real thing.... different from pharoahe too. pharoahe is all abut virtuosity. jay has the classic straightahead flow, but has a moral authroity, a weightyness that has been missing lately. im really glad hes about, but im happy to admit i was slow on the uptake.
get over to melbourne then, querulous speng
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i appreciate you understand humour


bandz ahoy
The worst thing about exhibit c is just blaze (presumably) repeatedly telling you how great it all is and how 'we do better than y'all when we're not even trying' etc. 'I don't even know why I'm saying this' - neither do I.