Servicing technics decks


The Heatwave
sorry for another new thread, i'm having a techie query day :D

i've had my technics for about 10 years now and i was thinking i should probably get them serviced, cleaned up, output leads changed/upgraded etc. any idea where would be a good place to get this done, and how much it'll cost?

i'm not entirely sure if there's anything drastically wrong with them but i think the pitch control is a bit erratic (ie +5 on one isn't the same as +5 on the other and it doesn't seem to be exactly +5 on either of them if the readings on my serato are to be trusted, which maybe they're not) and the left/right balance of both decks is a bit dodgy (i've tried changing needles and swapping channels on my mixer and didn't get rid of the problem like that)