Can someone please fucking kill noel gallagher!


too punk to drunk
..fucken one-hit-wonder whose drawn it out longer than Gary Glitter!

He's a fucking nobody, trying to drum up interest in his one-song one-hit shithouse band.

Fuck English pop music, it died in 1988, get over it you fucking stupid Poms, and get over the fact you lost the Empires as well!

Please if there is any justice in this universe can someone fucking well kill this whining rich motherfucker. Unfortunately it happened to John Lennon, a guy who could write many beautiful songs and had a cool attitude, but please Allah or Jesus can one of your righteous disciples please kill this loser. PUBLICALLY..I mean I can't watch an Islamic snuff movie on the internet, but I will gladly cheer a snuff movie of Noel getting horrible killed!

ALLAH, JESUS, MOSES, JEHOVAH, cant some rich New York billionaire pay a hitman to do it, can't they get a schizo who has been thrown out of an asylum due to lack of funding to do it, can't some suicidal Jihadist do it, I mean he'll get 69 vigins before and after he kills the fuck!



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Noel G is actually very entertaining, quick witted with a good sense of humour. personally i'd let him live, the people who keep buying his garbage records I'm not so sure about.

noel emits

a wonderful wooden reason
I like in that Goldie video where he looks like a bit of a gooseberry standing around on some wasteland in a huge puffa jacket with a Union Jack guitar. I think Goldie stitched him up proper there.