CD capacity paradox


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Right, so your standard CDR is 700mb/80min capacity.

How come then, I have a bunch of AIFF audio tracks, total size 784mb, total running time 77 mins 40 sec? I can burn a CD from itunes, but I can't fit the raw audio tracks on CD?


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Data CDs use more redundancy / error checking because they have to be absolutely accurate. It doesn't matter so much with audio if you have a few errors when reading back the data.

BTW - if you do need to get the raw files on a CD you could try FLACing them.
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You could .zip the AIFFS in a folder to reduce the size rather than converting the format.


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I actually want to make a CD for duplication, and was hoping I could just burn a CD of AIFFs. I think I need to make red book compatible one? I wonder if toast can do that...