The Phenomenal Slavoj Zizek


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"perverts guide to cinema" where he goes on about hitchcock and david lynch and all their lacanian tendencies is really really interesting. As a literary and film critic he is at his best.

When he is at his worst is when he starts idolising stalin just for the hell of it, and using comments his roma nanny made as a base for arguments that - despite whether or not they are worthwhile - can so easily be distorted by the slightest mis understanding. for instance @lenin's tomb

Most of his arguments must be defended in the "comments section" with sentences like "zizek is not advocating genocide just because he says that hitler was not violent enough"


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Was cutting about outside my uni when I heard the unmistakable eastern european accent, looked up and he was talking to a couple of people gesticulating wildly and I overheard him saying 'No, but fuck them!' (etc). I caught his eye with a big grin as they walked past. Hahah. Nutcase. He clearly never turns off.


in anticpation of zizek vs peterson
ive got locked into watching this
will self vs zizek lool
will self just said ive been at home all day
smoking dope and wanking like everybody else
but ive been in bed preserving my precious
bodily fluids, drinking black coffee and watching
two men perform a kind of burlesque of intellectualism.


two metabolisms in miscommunication.
amphetamine meets dope.
you can learn a lot from this if you
ignore all the vapid content.

Mr. Tea

Shub-Niggurath, Please
The consensus on Zizek is that he's a gak-hoover, what with the constant sniffing. Although I guess that's in the same ball park as speed.