Free Grime CD

Grievous Angel

Beast of Burden
Ach -- missed it! Bandwidth limit exceeded.

DJL, send us a CD and I'll rip it at high quality and stick it on my server...

simon silverdollar

got mine through the post today. thanx DJL, yr biggle!


Trumpet Police
Yes, big up mr DJL for a very good mix. That 'kamikaze' track is a bit special isn't it? I haven't really had much time for yer Jon E Cash-type stuff before, but that track is hardcore.


i'm joking
Safe for all the feedback. Big up 2StepFan for sticking it on the website for download.
If you can't download then you can get a copy on eBay (search for 'Grime Mix CD') along with some original cover artwork. Look out for some more mixes soon.