Gremino - The Defender Of Rhythm EP independent CD-r-release out now!


Moster Sirphine
Gremino - The Defender Of Rhythm EP CD-r-release out now! Also as free 320kbs mp3s

Gremino - The Defender Of Rhythm EP independent CD-r-release. 100 copies. For all foward thinkers.

01. Thru
02. Lets Jack
03. Scarce
04. Gangsta Girl
05. Catharsis
06. Nuera

The clips can be listened from my Myspace page.

You can order this directly from me for 5€ (that's about 4£) or from Dis'n'dat Records for 6€ (about 5£), please contact them via email. You can contact me via gremino- at hotmail dot com, Myspace or sending private message here.

After three months, I will put this release online for free (320kbs mp3s), so the actual CD is for them who wants tangible CD with cover art (also printing in the CD's surface), support the artist or the best audio quality.

The release contains 4x4 rhythms, swing, hypnotic groove, breaks, low sub, acid, melancholy, sadness, darknes, coldness, aggressiveness, bleakness, tension and hazyness. Tracks are like 4x4 dubstep/jungle crossovers. Or something. Tempo runs around 150bpm.

Mastered at Subvert Central Mastering.
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