This is a bit old now (well, it's from earlier this year, but that's old in terms of the fast moving world of modern music, eh?), so it doesn't have any of the more recent classics on it (eg Rustie 'Zig-Zag' etc), but i think this is a great primer for the wonky sound:


And some fucking sweet mixes going on in there too.
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Here's a nice short 16 min mix from Joker i got from bassfaced.com http://www.sendspace.com/file/sf0jge

some lovely synths, has a few Joker productions and that 'Play Doe' collab with Rustie. Alfons has a hip-hop mix in the dissensus mixes section with tunes from FlyLo, Bullion, Harmonic 313, Hud mo etc

jonny mugwump

exotic pylon
always AQUACRUNK- why is the world not embracuing this.

Rustie, chief aquacrunker IMO, is rocking Amersham Arms in New Cross on Saturday night....


Way of the future
? - why not aquacrunk? that's so much more fun.
I agree

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wot u call it?
aquacrunk bitch
Friend of mine recommended Hip-Drop, Taco Beats, Aqua-Poo....

Do people see wonky as covering both the 85-110 hip hop-ish stuff (fly lo, samiyam, bullion) and the 140 bpm dubsteppy stuff (Joker, Zomby, Starkey). There's obviously a lot of overlap but I dunno, I just call it hip hop and dubstep respectively.


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I'm holding out for post-funky nu-skool wonky in a few years. These genre names are getting worse and worse :mad: