Dance music in Europe


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I got the impression Skwee was a bit more 'look at this great combination of incongruous musical elements I put together' rather than 'check this rinsin bassline I made on fruity loops blud'...dunno really.

skwees made by scandinavian ex electro people, from small scenes and a small number of people who make that music.
its sort of lo-fi electro-funk, much more ground up and open than electro .


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The Poles as a whole prefer "Disko Polo" - sort of a crossover between Polish folk dances and commercial trance...

An old housemate tells me of some of his friends in Warsow who run a minimal / electronica / noise label but who have a very secret love of knocking up disco polo on the sly when they have a few drinks in them...

the real trouble started when they sent a cd off to a label for a laugh and had all the tracks on it signed...

now they're causing a (pseudonymous) storm in the disko polo scene and have to keep it an utter (on a par with burial's face style!) secret from their apparently rather purist core audience..


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who is into the dutch afro house sound? it's a bit like dutch funky.

there are some tunes by Syndney Samson and Alvaro i like... but there is a lot of electro BS in that scene... too bad most Afrojack tracks just sound like tech house. who else is good?


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there's another thread to be made again about the popularity of the offbeat bassline in Trance and Hard House in areas where there is a strong ancestral culture of local Brass Bands with Tubas.

Also, what about the popularity of bangin' kick drums in areas where is a strong culture of marching bands. I am thinking particularly of Northern Ireland and Scotland, where both Republican Flute bands and their loyalist equivalents are centred around somebody walking along banging an enormous bass drum.