party record with a siren
Good fun! Tricky stuff though.

Ones I can remember:

Lexicon Of Love
Country Life
U2 - Boy
The Libertines
Wish You Were Here


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Inspired idea - unfortunately I'm rubbish at things like this, so I'm not gonna embarrass myself by trying and getting nul points.

Mr. Tea

Shub-Niggurath, Please
Ha, the Vulgar Display Of Power one was great. As was In The Court Of The Crimson King.

For loads of them I knew the band but not the name of the album. Bah.

And what's with the guy moving his arms about? How many animated album sleeves are there?

tom lea

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Ha, the Vulgar Display Of Power one was great.
i didn't see it cuz i got bored after fifteen or so, but i bet that was cracking.

i got all bar one of the first 8 or so, then it started to go a bit tits. great feature though.

jonny mugwump

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I like THe Quiteus. Do Everett True and Taylor Parkes contribute to it at the moment?
I do some writing for them- Taylor has submitted a couple of articles- one on The Smiths and one on MBV.

There is an interview with Irmin Schmidt from Can on the front page at the moment which is entirely about cooking- its bloody wonderful :)

jonny mugwump

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incidentally, i hardly got any of them at all- i guess its hard to mime early Omni Trio 12's though.

oh, and the answers just went up too- i really want to know if someone managed to get the Scorpions- that's either genius or tragic
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