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I also rate "Palance" (of course) & some of the bouyon (still getting my head round who to look out for bouyon-wise but Benz is OK & there's one on soundcloud by GWC Ghost just called "More Bouyon" that I really rate even though it's obviously unfinished).

Some other relatively obvious soca faves & tips, some of which are ancient, like 80s-stylee -

Arrow "Hot Hot Hot" (still getting a lot of messages when I played it on my net radio show last carnival time, can't deny such a massive tune)
Explainer "Lorraine"
Mighty Sparrow "Big Belly Man"
Mighty Grynner "Stinging Bees" & "On De Route"
Colin Lucas "Dollar Wine"
Pepe Kalle "Roger Milla" (african soukous, but close in style, I always associate it with the soca stuff)
Kalabash "A Hot One (Coming Up)"
Ras Iley "Spring Garden On Fire"
Anslem Douglas "Who let The Dogs Out?" (the original & a quality tune, unlike the various covers)
Rupee "Jump"
Tallpree "The Grave The Jail The Hospital"
Bunji Garlin "Licks"
Nigel & Marvin "Follow DE Leader" (original again - note spelling - a slightly hamfisted edit of it is on the main UK CD single if you look in charity shops - I am pretty sure now that this is the version I heard around the time being played at a squat party techno night, mixed in - having only heard the hashed remakes at that stage, I didn't realise it was the original & presumed it was some banging remix, its that manic!)
Invasion Band "Trinidad"
Lovey "Bitein Incex" (I think this is a cover but I can't remember who did the original)
Iwer George "Gimme Ah Bligh"
Maximus Dan "Soca Train" (this is on that Honest Jons comp, which I can never listen to all of as I keep rewinding this one)
Trini Jacobs "Wine Behind De Truck"
There is also a good manic soca remix of Pon De Floor on soundcloud
Lavaman "Psycho" & Skinny Fabulous "Monster" (Smoked Food riddim)
Sergie "Doh Tell Me Nothin" (my soca tune of last year)/QPid & Ricky T "Shake" (Mosquito riddim)
Hance "Mash Up Fete"
P'tani Bra "Rock With Bra"

I have also noticed theres loadsa "Vinny" (ie St Vincent) soca around, which seems to be mainly throwbacks to the big road march-type tunes, if you don't like the slower dancehally ones someone mentioned above, although I guess the Vinny touchstone is Kevin Lyttle's "Turn Me On".

I only twigged fairly recently, but soca splits into 'groovy soca' (the slow stuff) & 'power soca' (the manic stuff), which helps when yr looking for tunes...

I am aiming to play a buncha this stuff in the Love Shack at Solfest in August, if anyone is there!
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