Bassline/Bassline House/"niche" etc


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having seen this:
n Sheffield, you hear a lot of Punjabi garage.

Oh and Speed Garage -- the old familiar! -- is still really big up here.

Fulfils a similar function as scouse house does elsewhere.

io thoguht i would start a thread on this. havign moved up north (leeds) recently after a logng break, i was extremely suprised to find out that the sound of the north is....essentially speed garage!

i was chatting to this kid from grimsby who was askign about grime, and he told me that he was into "Bassline". i was like, what the fucks bassline, and he just said "y'know, bassline house". he turned out to have a but 1 gigs worth of mix cds and comps of what was essentially speed garage sped up a bit more. its a bit mroe ravey/bouncy and less soulful, but it is big! now i have seen numerous nights, people talking about it. but as far as i know such a term doesnt exist in the south?!

so what does antyone know about bassline house? whjast the conenction with "niche" (some kid told me "its niche" when i asked hi mwhat he was playing)? the notorious sheffield club?!?!!?!

im inrigued
if anyoen wants to hear more of this stuff, ive got this guys slsk username for starters.

ps its wicked obviously


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Is this like the 4x4 stuff they like in Essex? Essentially scratchy garage beats like Grant Nelson c1997 with a big jungle bassline and some diva warbles on it? RWD had a feature on it a while back...

matt b

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yep, its huge in leeds/w.yorkshire- the market has a couple of stalls selling dj sets etc, the nova's blast it out. its played at a more happy hardcore speed than it was in '97.

i like it.


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From the DJ Richard page:

"Any big bassline DJ will also pride themselves on their collection of rare and obscure bassline tunes (snipers). Thousands of speed garage records were released during the initial speed garage boom of 1997-8. As the supply of new speed garage records dried up DJ's became collectors scouring the world for rare tunes to keep their sets fresh."

It's the new Northern Soul!!!


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matt b said:
oh, and it is speed garage (eg: RIP grooves), but its taken a while and a name change to get up here.

dj richard from uk-d plays it:

yeah his sets are wicked. i still drop RIP "bugsys theme" to this day - i've seen it played all kinds of places to great reactions including trade where it was played twice in one night. this music resonates with more than just the old ukg crowd.


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Yeah when I'm foolin around at home I find that loads of my old speed garage records fit seamlessly into electrohouse or techno sets. And actually, the early choppy stuff that turned into 2step (e.g. Ramsey and Fen - "Style" or Grant Nelson dubs of US tracks) mixes really nicely with microhouse too...

Also explains why Ruff da Menace goes for such ridiculous prices on eBay - that is exactly the kind of record that I imagine this scene consists of - is that correct?